Saturday, February 25, 2006


Again ADMK-ians started to put lot of banners, with JJ in different avatharams. For her birthday, they celebrated in different way..In head office they had cut a large cake..In Salem, they have made her image on the ground with colour powders..Likewise in Virudhachalam, they had banner in which JJ as a some hindu amman..after seeing this, people argued to remove it..Next day morning they had removed it..

Why it was happening to her..Her followers want to impress him in which she will get satisfy..Like Kalil Vizhuthal, this has grown very much in Tamilnadu, whereas the cost of banner are very much low now-a-days.

Still I am able to remember the situtaion which make christian to vote against her in 1996..somebody had put her as Mary Matha, and it became a big issue at that time..Now it was some Hindu Amman..

Or it is a mark of end of her rule in Tamilnadu, like 1996.. But ADMK-ians try to minimize these things atleast upto the election.Otherwise this will itself go against them.

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