Monday, February 06, 2006

Dishyum Movie Review

Jeeva and Sandhya are very careful in selecting their characters and they got it right. Sandhya, after Kathal, once again had a weightage character and used the chance very well. Jeeva expressed the feelings of a film stuntman very well. The scene when the college friends of Sandhya approached the Jeeva is notable, where his manerism looks and fits perfectly as stunt man, by putting and chewing Panparagh.

The story is one line and usual for tamil cinema. Bhaskar, called as 'Risk' Bhaskar(Jeeva), is doing dupes for top heroes in action scenes. He met Chindhya (Sandhya), art college student and they became friends. After a time, he expressing his love to Chindhya. But she refused it. She also told Bhaskar that if she is also in love later point, she would marry him. What happens in the end is the climax.

Sasi weaved the screenplay well as his guru Bhagyaraj. Only the screenplay makes you to sit, where there is nothing new in story. Only the way, they selected the base for the film is different. Even the film is about a stuntman, it doesn't have any big stunt sequences. After Raam, Jeeva did a good job. The dialogue delivery also improved very well. But still he has a long way to go. Sandhya, have a lot of scope to act, did a appreciable job. Dishyum had released after one year of Kathal. Is she want to select the movies based on his characters? Because this movie falls on that. Nasser and Anni Malavika did a good performance as parents of Chindhya.

Comedy scenes are good and Pakru, the dwarf played as Amithab makes you to laugh. This is different for tamil cinema using a unfamilar one for comedy and able to manage and make the viewers to laugh. When Bhagyaraj's Rasukutty was released, Sempuli Jegan character was very famous (comdeian also new) for different comedy. Now its Pakru as Amithab.

Songs are not too catchy but able to climb on charts very well. Especially 'Nenjam Koottil' is a good one. If you hear the Dilamo song, you will able to recognize that the music is done by Sukran fame Vijay Antony. This song has lot of similarities with Sukran Songs. But good to hear. Camera captured the scenes very well, but not too impressing except some scenes.

This Dishyum is entertaining the viewers with needed stuffs. But the climax could be a different one, which is a usual hospital end here. After the death of Nasser, it is going in a expected way. Excluding the dramatic climax, all others are well placed and will attract viewers which is a good relief from unrooted masala-ed action films.

I am still wondering why this movie got A Certificate. I am not able to find anything like that except some of the comedies like Card selecting screen and Amithab with Mahanadhi Shankar. But we can say it is a clean entertainer.

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