Friday, March 31, 2006

Imsai Arasan Parak

[Thanks : Indiaglitz]

Ajith Sings for Bhavana

Bhavana, Chiththiram Pesuthadi heoine, is announced as a heroine for Ajith-Bala movie Naan kadavul. And also, Ajith playing a role of singer in this movie. Whatever the thing, this is Bala's movie. So you can expected some good movie from him always.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Emdan Magan

[Thanks : Tamilmurasu]

Ace production house, Sathyajyoti films are in their 25th year in cinema. They have started a new film Emdan Magan today, with Bharath is in lead with Gopika. Hope after pattiyal, Bharath got good name and getting some good films.

But while seeing Sathya Movies in thier advertisement, bit worried. Because Sathya movies is the name of production company owned by R.M.Veerapan. Their last film is Thalaivar's Badshah. Did RMV sold the company to SatyaJyothi?

This film going to be directed by Metti Oli fame Thirumugam, which is his first movie.

Mock Election

Vote yourself here (developed by Suresh), You can get the front who going to win next, based on the answers given by you for 15 questions.

When i answered all questions, it shows the results (see picture). But it is a great joke that Vijayakanth 's Party with 45 seats.

Kanavilum nadakatha onnu Kanna!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Aadhi - Nijam thaanaa?

[picture courtesy:Dinakaran]

Still Vijay is following the same formulae in running his films. What the numbers will do? Whenever I am seeing the advertisement of Aadhi in newspapers, I will laugh..Already the film was declared as a flop. Will the number 100 make the film hit?

I hope except Vijay, all other top heroes like Vikram, Surya, Ajith are not trying to make the movie to run for 100 days, eventhough the film is average.

23am Pulikesi

[Picture courtesy : Dinakaran]

S Pictures, production house of director shankar, has their next release as Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi as Comedian Vadivelu as hero. Meanwhile, Vivek also acting as a hero in Solli Adipen.

Will both the films get released at the sametime like Rajni, Kamal films. Irony idea from me.

Will these films are same like, where Goundamani as hero or will be a different?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Oliyetrukirar Simran

After reading balaji thots of Simran's Comeback, I too have lot of characters for Simran in mind.

She can do a character as

1. Anni for Vijay as Kowsalya did on Tirumalai
2. Mother of Ajith and Wife of another ajith as Citizen
3. Lover of Ajith as meena did in Anantha Poongatre
4. Mother of Jeyam Ravi(like M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakzhmi), Bharath
5. Kalyanam seithu kollatha porofessor
6. Heroine of Female based story as Magalir mattum.
7. Heroine of Satyaraj like Kushboo did in Malabar Police, Vertivel Sakthivel

But it is upto Tamil makkal, whether they will accept Simran in doing item number as in Althotta Bhoopathi?

But if she reduce some of her weight, able to attract viewers, with his own trademark hip-movements.

Chicken-a apdina?

I am fan of Chicken dishes. But after knowing this bird flu, I am not able to take any of that and keeping me faraway from that. One of my room-mate asked why should our photos were published on newspapers because of this?. Agreeing hgis words, stopped that.

Now these chickens are smiling at me and asking eppO engale sappidu parkalam.

eppo Tamizhnatlayum vanthuduchcham..achchachchO! Chicken-a apdina enna

But I have a great doubt..Can I take other bird items like Kadai, Kowthari etc..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Easwar's News blog

You can get the latest updates of TN Assembly Elections 2006 by Easwar. He is giving news added with his own analysis. From today, he started to write about a famous personality in TN Politics under the title Personality Watch

Friday, March 24, 2006

More on Sivaji

Drop here to know more updated news on Thalaivar's Sivaji

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bonus Kanna Bonus

Thalaivar endrum Thalaivare

These pictures are today's hottest mail forward.
Thalaivar looks younger and more stylish in this.

Next Maniratnam

Like a popular speech about next superstar, now it's the time to get new director, Vishnuvarthan with the fame of next Maniratnam. Sify reportedthat trade feels that he is able to make the films with a right mixture of characterization, emotions, songs, action in his latest much-speaked Pattiyal. The way of his direction, is very similar to 80's maniratnam. Like ARR for Mani, now Vishnu has Yuvan on behind him to deliver good songs with his gorgeous picturisation. Still now, Maniratnam only have his own way in picturisizing the songs than Mega-budget Shankar.

It seems Vishnu's next film will be much expected one. It may be Ajith as leading hero in the name of Savaal.

Ayuthu Ezhuththu 'Party'

This election going to face a new party started by ex-IITians. When I saw Ayutha Ezhuththu, I wondered how the students will start a party and able to manage with this local-level politics. But that is happened now in TN.

Lok Paritran, Founder says "You see that your country doesn't have good governance. So what's the point of being in New York or some corporate job,"

The only question is will they able to win in atleast one assembly seat.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Google Finance

Now-a-days, it is a usual and regular news from Google saying they have released a new option to the world. It is same as the increase in sensex of Indian Share market(Today it has reached 11000 mark).

It's Google Finance. You can find the details of your company. You can view the photos of your higher officials.

You can get latest news of google here.

Hope Google is good competitor for both Yahoo and Microsoft

Yerikkapadum Kanavugal

[Picture : Dinakaran]

Endru thaniyum intha thagam..
Endru vidiyum ivargal vazhkkai..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sudesi Punch

Captain Vijayakanth says

MGR-kum enakkum orey oru vidhyasam dhaan.
Avar kai-aala adipparu, naan
kaal-aala adippaen

Read Praveen's post, if you want to relax from hectic work

Arasiyal Nagaichuvai - 4

enna kodumai ithu Saravana..

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pattiyal Movie Review

[Picture Courtesy : Sify]

Vishuwarthan serves the tamil audience with a different type of menu this time. It has everything to watch and enjoy the movie. Selecting the cast for each character, eventhough the character is small) is very much appreciable. Especially, VMC Haneefa, after much-speaked Mahanadhi, showed a remarkable expressions, throught the film. Arya, like Arinthum Ariyamalum, suits well in his character and make us laugh, all the time in his awesome dialogue delivery..(esp.Selva Selva Selva nnu varuvanga..appadiyeee poeiduvanga..marupadiyum..Selva Selva nnu varuvanga..avangalum apdiye poeiduvanga). Bharath, after Kadhal, acted well. Most of the time he speaks well with his eyes. Especially, After the death of Arya, He performed well than any other scenes.

Kosi (Arya) and Selva (Bharath) are orphaned friends and hired killers. Samy (VMC Haneefa) is the person giving money and work for them. Saroja(Padmapriya), is the nearby girl working in garment factory,is in love with Kosi, where he is not accepting her love. Selva, who is dump and deaf is a well planned executor of murders. He is also falling in love with Santhiya (Pooja). A project of killing a Coimbatore-based industrialist (Santhanabharathy) is assigned to them through Samy. But after the murder of industrialist, these guys should be killed. You can watch the remaining in the big screen.

Arya really done a wonderful job. He lived as a underworld youth. His way speaking, dancing before the pinaoorvalam, fighting with Bharath are countable. Padmapriya doing a character which is entirely different from her debut film Thavamai Thavamirunthu. And also, I want to specify her costume and dance in Namma Kaattula song..Not able to digest her in that costume, after seeing her in the first film. Pooja looks good and cute. Bharath really going to have a turn in his career after pattiyal. The very first scene, where he is executing a murder in a casual way is admirable.

YSR's songs (already chartbusters) and background music are making the film racy. The songs are inserted in a good manner. After a long maestro is singing a song Namma Kattula, which would be this year's Theepidikka Theepidikka. Srikar Prasad's flashing editing is wonderful,which makes the flim watchable. Neerav shah shot the screen's well. That factory, where Arya and Bharath are practicing to play with gun, is captured well..

Raj Kannan's hilarious based dialogues are big bonus for the film. Vishuwarthan again shows his ability to stand among other directors with his new script. Every scene is narrated well. But he could avoid the Pithamagan touch in the climax, And also, he followed the Shankar's end point (in Indian, Anniyan). Here VMC Haneefa starting to create another Selva from that tea-kadai boy, chappai. Except the death of Arya, we are able to get the flow of the film easily. And also, I am not able to see any kakki shattais in the entire flim, eventhough the killers are killing others as the baloons in the beach.

And also, the big minuese of the film is its A Certificate and nothing there to attract Thaikulangal like Janaranjaka Arinthum Ariyamalum. Hope now Selvaraghavan has to work more, to made the film to be different from Pattiyal.

After a long period, must watchable, realistic film.

Vairamuthu-vin Pon Malai Pozhuthu

Hope he is youngest son of Kaviyarasu (Still I am not OK with the title Kaviperarasu) Vairamuthu..That he is Madhan Karky..Hope he is studying in Brisbane of Australia..

Here Madhan Karky released lot of photos, enjoying the days with his father Vairamuthu. He is simple..with Kangaroos..With nature.. Loving nature

I am able to see him as young when he had written Ithu Oru Pon Mazhai Pozhuthu...

These photos are published in this week Kumudham, with Vairamuthu's Interview - Updated on 23-Mar-2006

Thalaivar-ai Thuraththum Onaigal

Somebody, who is not a rajnifan, pasted a poster in salem, to divert all rajni fans. If you keenly watch, you can notice that printing press name was not there. This is unusual. Every normal poster in tamilnadu will have the printing press name with their contact number. And also, no registration number of fans association. It's blindly printed as Rajni fans of Salem. BUt when I read news on thinathanthi, it said no rajni fans association aceepted that they did it.
I was happy when Thalaivar announced his position. Still somebody doing politics on that too.

Kaps and Dreamchaser has listed out lot of things on this, here and here

Why people are always make this for Rajni only, eventhough currently Vijayakanth is on fire?
Is it means that they are not considering Vijayakanth or still having fear of Thalaivar?

Friday, March 17, 2006

Arasiyal Nagaichuvai - 3

[from the pages of Dinakaran]

Missed Calls

I used to missed calls..I will ask my roommates to give missed calls, whenever I am in office. So that i can call them from office phone.

I will also give missed call to my home after 9:30 that they will call me..It will save around 2/3 of money, when they calling to my Airtel connection..In Airtel connection, the STD charges are very high Rs.2.65 per minute.If we planned to go somewhere and meeting at some place..then we make a rule to give missed to coordinator of that trip, to confirm that they have reached the place..

Here Kaps telling more about missed calls

Tirupathi Songs - Short review

Tirupathi songs are not like any ajith films. It's entirely different with kuththu songs. It's perarasu who will have only kuththu songs in his films. I still remember the remarkable touch
of ARR in godfather and my vote is for godfather than Tirupathi.

The first song Tirupathi Vantha is an usual opening song of Perarasu films, where it is slightly different for ajith from vijay, where there the songs will be for his fans. Here it is general thathuva song. And moreover the song is similar to Rajni-AVM's Pothuvaga emmanasu Thangam.

I didn't expect the songs, in which they are made. But Ajith also need some victory from his
film more than of Paramasivan.

As usual, like Tirupatchi, Sivakasi, Songs will be on top of the charts already with its fast beat.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Appada...Thalaivar thappittaru..

[courtesy : Dinakaran]

En Paeru erukku...

Eventhough i dont have voter identity card, my name is there in voter list.
A big relax!!!
But i have to vote before somebody using mine...

Thanks Keerthi

Trust on Indian Team

When South Africa won Australia in that historical match scoring 437 over 434 of Australia, Everone here had and expressed one opinion.

If India played to Chase this big score, we would loss the game. After seeing the way we won Pakistan also, people doesn't have trust on Indian team.

So Indian team have a long way to go, before 2007 world cup.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Arasiyal Nagaichuvai - 2

[courtesy : dhinkaran]

thoda..POTAla ponavanga ellam periya thiyagigala enna

Arasiyal Nagaichuvai - 1

We can hear and see lot of drama/comedy scenes in politics hereafter, because of Poll..
Letz thot of bringing to your attention..

eppadi thaan epaadi ellam pesurangalO!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Simran going to come back

Dhinakaran says Simran will come again to act in 5 months..

Will she able to show her stylish dance again?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Naming Strategy

I came to a conclusion of naming strategy, Gautham was using in his movies...All movie names are taken from the lines of Songs.

First movie Minnale from the song 'Minnale' of May Matham
Second one, Kakka Kakka, from Kantha Shasti Kavasam
Third from Old Song Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu of MGR movie Arasilangumari
Fourth one, Vilai uyirenralum from the Song Enna velai Azhage of Kadhalar Dhinam.

And also, I saw that, alternate movies has different strategy in naming. First and third has the title of first word from a song, where the second and fourth are taken from other lines.

I am very much eager to see the title of his fifth movie. Will it be a first word of the song or someother line of a song or entirely different from this concept...

Women in Tamil Cinema

After seeing an analysis by SIFY on Women in Cinema, I able to wonder why we doesn't have that much of women based movies.

Only few of the films, have well told stories and had women infront of hero..
Just want to list that type of movies.

1. Bharathiraja's Puthumai Penn - It's the movie telling about a middle family woman facing critics..And in that as audacious women
2.Balachander's Manathil Uruthi Vendum - It's again a well written story of a woman..Suhashini did a splendid job here.

Other than above two, I am not able to figure any good movies which were based on women characters. We can say Asin's role in Ghajini. But that character is different for this decade's tamil cinema. But overall we can't say such movies.

And Magalir Mattum and Snehithiye would be based on Women, but changed or make any changes. First one, make people to laugh and the second one, merely thriller having all artists as women.

Eventhough Simran acted in Kovilpatti Veeralakshmi, which women based story, more than 70% of people in TN doesn't know about the movie itself.

Women characters are nothing but a doll, where eventhough well educated will love mechanic,illetrated hero. Many women are there in real time, having lot of stories within them. And also, we have to point out the fact that the film lovers mostly will not accept the heroine based stories. Still I remember about Rajni's Nattukku Oru Nallavan. There Kushboo will do a stunt, when Thalaivar is present. I came to know that that is one of the reason of the failure of that movie.

Cheran kinda directors can come forward to produce these kinda movies.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Kudos Balaji

BBTHOTS celebrating its first Birthday with 452 posts.

I wondered how balaji made this possible. And as I commented there, it is not an easy job to make readers with such expectation. Except politics (jus ignoring the latest about Vaiko's antharpalti), his posts had all areas. His daughter also learnt the blogging (may be first youngest blogger)and posted couple of posts.Still I remember the way he celebrated thalaivar's birthday and Lovers day. I am eager to see much more.

Congrats and Keep the good work, Balaji!

Some more shots...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Who is this?

This is me..
Only torch light and Nokia mobile was used to shot this..
This is one of my dream photo..
Actually I tried a lot to make this lighting arrangement...
Hope I will reach my goal..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yes. It's my 100th

I am not able believe this that I can reach this number here.
I wanna publish advertisements in all daily tamil/English newspapers..
I wanna paste posters on this...
Yes. This is my 100th post..

Still I don't have any regular readers other than Balaji (Hope he is reading regularly) and Venkat

I want to make it more energetic..more interactive..for that I have to work a lot. But my office giving me lot of works where i can't really involve more in this..

If i have time, i will do better. And I will try to make it better before reaching next milestrone.

All in One

A rare picture.
Really I don't know about the game.
But got inspired with this.

Anybody knows abt this game?