Monday, March 27, 2006

Oliyetrukirar Simran

After reading balaji thots of Simran's Comeback, I too have lot of characters for Simran in mind.

She can do a character as

1. Anni for Vijay as Kowsalya did on Tirumalai
2. Mother of Ajith and Wife of another ajith as Citizen
3. Lover of Ajith as meena did in Anantha Poongatre
4. Mother of Jeyam Ravi(like M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakzhmi), Bharath
5. Kalyanam seithu kollatha porofessor
6. Heroine of Female based story as Magalir mattum.
7. Heroine of Satyaraj like Kushboo did in Malabar Police, Vertivel Sakthivel

But it is upto Tamil makkal, whether they will accept Simran in doing item number as in Althotta Bhoopathi?

But if she reduce some of her weight, able to attract viewers, with his own trademark hip-movements.

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