Monday, March 27, 2006

Chicken-a apdina?

I am fan of Chicken dishes. But after knowing this bird flu, I am not able to take any of that and keeping me faraway from that. One of my room-mate asked why should our photos were published on newspapers because of this?. Agreeing hgis words, stopped that.

Now these chickens are smiling at me and asking eppO engale sappidu parkalam.

eppo Tamizhnatlayum vanthuduchcham..achchachchO! Chicken-a apdina enna

But I have a great doubt..Can I take other bird items like Kadai, Kowthari etc..

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Anonymous said...


Its bird flu and is applicable to all birds. So no Kadai, no Kowthari...........(-:


Vera magane, ethayum unnal veeltha mudiyum!! Try it!