Monday, March 20, 2006

Pattiyal Movie Review

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Vishuwarthan serves the tamil audience with a different type of menu this time. It has everything to watch and enjoy the movie. Selecting the cast for each character, eventhough the character is small) is very much appreciable. Especially, VMC Haneefa, after much-speaked Mahanadhi, showed a remarkable expressions, throught the film. Arya, like Arinthum Ariyamalum, suits well in his character and make us laugh, all the time in his awesome dialogue delivery..(esp.Selva Selva Selva nnu varuvanga..appadiyeee poeiduvanga..marupadiyum..Selva Selva nnu varuvanga..avangalum apdiye poeiduvanga). Bharath, after Kadhal, acted well. Most of the time he speaks well with his eyes. Especially, After the death of Arya, He performed well than any other scenes.

Kosi (Arya) and Selva (Bharath) are orphaned friends and hired killers. Samy (VMC Haneefa) is the person giving money and work for them. Saroja(Padmapriya), is the nearby girl working in garment factory,is in love with Kosi, where he is not accepting her love. Selva, who is dump and deaf is a well planned executor of murders. He is also falling in love with Santhiya (Pooja). A project of killing a Coimbatore-based industrialist (Santhanabharathy) is assigned to them through Samy. But after the murder of industrialist, these guys should be killed. You can watch the remaining in the big screen.

Arya really done a wonderful job. He lived as a underworld youth. His way speaking, dancing before the pinaoorvalam, fighting with Bharath are countable. Padmapriya doing a character which is entirely different from her debut film Thavamai Thavamirunthu. And also, I want to specify her costume and dance in Namma Kaattula song..Not able to digest her in that costume, after seeing her in the first film. Pooja looks good and cute. Bharath really going to have a turn in his career after pattiyal. The very first scene, where he is executing a murder in a casual way is admirable.

YSR's songs (already chartbusters) and background music are making the film racy. The songs are inserted in a good manner. After a long maestro is singing a song Namma Kattula, which would be this year's Theepidikka Theepidikka. Srikar Prasad's flashing editing is wonderful,which makes the flim watchable. Neerav shah shot the screen's well. That factory, where Arya and Bharath are practicing to play with gun, is captured well..

Raj Kannan's hilarious based dialogues are big bonus for the film. Vishuwarthan again shows his ability to stand among other directors with his new script. Every scene is narrated well. But he could avoid the Pithamagan touch in the climax, And also, he followed the Shankar's end point (in Indian, Anniyan). Here VMC Haneefa starting to create another Selva from that tea-kadai boy, chappai. Except the death of Arya, we are able to get the flow of the film easily. And also, I am not able to see any kakki shattais in the entire flim, eventhough the killers are killing others as the baloons in the beach.

And also, the big minuese of the film is its A Certificate and nothing there to attract Thaikulangal like Janaranjaka Arinthum Ariyamalum. Hope now Selvaraghavan has to work more, to made the film to be different from Pattiyal.

After a long period, must watchable, realistic film.

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Karthik, I had the very same thoughts about Selvaraghavan's forthcoming movie. With Vettaiyadu Villayadu all set to release (court stay order pending) , will Janta have appetite for 3 violent movies at a stretch ?