Monday, March 20, 2006

Thalaivar-ai Thuraththum Onaigal

Somebody, who is not a rajnifan, pasted a poster in salem, to divert all rajni fans. If you keenly watch, you can notice that printing press name was not there. This is unusual. Every normal poster in tamilnadu will have the printing press name with their contact number. And also, no registration number of fans association. It's blindly printed as Rajni fans of Salem. BUt when I read news on thinathanthi, it said no rajni fans association aceepted that they did it.
I was happy when Thalaivar announced his position. Still somebody doing politics on that too.

Kaps and Dreamchaser has listed out lot of things on this, here and here

Why people are always make this for Rajni only, eventhough currently Vijayakanth is on fire?
Is it means that they are not considering Vijayakanth or still having fear of Thalaivar?

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