Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yes. It's my 100th

I am not able believe this that I can reach this number here.
I wanna publish advertisements in all daily tamil/English newspapers..
I wanna paste posters on this...
Yes. This is my 100th post..

Still I don't have any regular readers other than Balaji (Hope he is reading regularly) and Venkat

I want to make it more energetic..more interactive..for that I have to work a lot. But my office giving me lot of works where i can't really involve more in this..

If i have time, i will do better. And I will try to make it better before reaching next milestrone.

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not as regularly as i would like to. but as regularly as time permits :)

Sathya Prakash said...

I am also keeping an EYE on your blogs.