Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Varuthappa ThErthal

Entire tamilnadu is now speaking about general assembly elections and the moves taken by both DMK and ADMK. DMK and ADMK are taking crucial and sanakiya moves to become power. Both have their channels and media to spread the news favour of them. But it may irritate the people. And Now-a-days I am seeing both Jaya and SUN news and coming to conclusion that we have to see both the side of coins.

When compared to 91-96, JJ is doing pretty well and she improved the size of ADMK vote bank gradually (from 30.6% to 33%). But some of her moves where not fine including Sankaraachraya 's arrest and Vaiko's poda arrest. But these things got faded from peoples memory, because these happened long back. But she have good things before her, to start campaign. Anyway, she have her speech which will mesmerise the people, without caring about truth of the message delivered. But the same thing goes wrong in last Lokshaba elections, where she made controversial statement over Sonia and KK. JJ tried to withdraw Uzhavar Santhai and Mini Bus facilites which gave some bad name when she came to regime initially.

On DMK side, they have tough competition over ADMK, where they have power in hand. JJ can do anything to regain her power. But having 7 parties in hand they can get good amount of seats. But dividing the seats among these parties will be great and crucial job for KK, whereas there is a chance of quitting from this union. Vaiko did the samething on 2001.

On other side, Vijaykanth also there, to split the votes. But the chance of stirring or changing the results would not be in Captain's hand, this time. Actor Karthik also try to get more seats for his forward-block party.

There is big question for BJP, where they are not in local news for long time. They may join with ADMK (once again) or with Vijaykanth.

Latest rumoured-news were there on Vaiko that he had quitted the DMK alliance. But vaiko explained that he will not quit and it was raised and spread by Tamilnadu CBCID and POlice.

So newspapers have lot of snacks for forthcoming months. We too ready to see, who going to capture the regime..

Anyway it will be JJ or KK only.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy Republic Day!!!

Inthiya Naadu en Veedu..
Indiyan enbathu en pEru..

Have a spirit in heart..It's not wrong watching couple of interviews of film people and Devathayai Kanden in SUN TV on Republic day. But atleast we should have a thought of our country for some minutes..

Happy Republic Day Friends!!!

Kangalai Thirantha Comment

Some anonymous had opened my eyes through his comment..He asked me to change the way and style of my post, whereas its mostly based on Ajith. His observation is right. But I cannot completely come-out of my Ajith based posts. But I will try to reduce it and gradually increase my other posts. Whoever he may be, thanks to him. En thalai naan ithukuda seilena epdi...I am going to change my style of post, within 4 months. Yes. Previously it was happened, when i switched my post's genre.

Hope all these is to shapen my blog.

Vervai Sinthi...

I was not able to post properly for last couple days because of hectic time at office. My calendar was filled with lot of official activites. Now I had time to breath.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kathai thanga Main Hero.....

All pongal released films are total washed-out except Paramasivan which saved the life of producer, having sympathy wave of Ajith. It's bad time for tamil cinema, where noother festival face this type of critical result.

Already many people were alarmed Vijay, having a repeated formula in his movies. Now he facing results of that, having a huge losses for his home production from Aathi. It is unable to get its minimum guarantee amount which is Rs.19.2 crore. Atleast he should care of selecting different storyline, instead having heavy punch and repeated dialogues. As said in review, he should not do steoreotype story in near future. Otherwise he will lose his larger-than-life image,
where his rival Ajith, who is hungry, is ready to pickup that.

Eventhough the story and screenplay is not catchy, Paramasivan managed to get his Minimum gurantee amount from theatres, in its first week trade results. The sympathy wave of Ajith among audience makes the film as hit. But it is suffering a lot from second week. Paramsivan collected Rs.9.6 crore from its five day collections, whereas it will collect another 6 crores in last weekend.

Saravana, in which Simbhu try to follow vijay, is a big flop after his totti jaya. Simbhu failed to recover the money as a distributor, who bought the film.

Onecagain, this pongal ensures and proves that the story is the main hero for the film, eventhough the stars are there, after the flop of Baba, having rajni as hero. So hereafter the hereos of tamil cinema should select good story which will suits them better.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Bala-Ajith's Naan Kadavul

Thanks to Sify for giving the news about much awaited movie Naan Kadavul by Bala for our Thala Ajith. The shooting going to start from March 20, where the shooting of AVM's Thirupathi coming to end on March 15 as per schedule. And Hope Ajith will be happy after seeing the trade results of his Paramasivan, eventhough the film is not too good.

Sifys says "Ajit plays a Tamil atheist who goes to Varanasi on a mission and discovers the meaning of God. According to sources close to Bala, the film will have a touch of class with all commercial elements like his earlier Pitamagan"

Heroine for the flim may be Meera Jasmine, National award winner. Hope in this film, Bala will mould Ajith in a new fresh look. Waiting to see Ajith in Bala's film. Ajith dropped two chances to act in Bala's movie. One is for Sethu and another is for Nanda, both turned a life-time-break for Vikram and Surya.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aathi Movie Review

Onceagain a film released having Vijay as mass-hero to push their trades very high. But the movie can have a good opening and it's a question, whether it will get a repeat audience like Thirupatchi. Everybody alarming about the story and characterization of Vijay, which very stereotype, in his every film, Aathi having the same now. Will it make sense to see a hero doing a samething in every film without any differnce. With this in mind, I am going to review the pongal release Aathi.

It's a story of betrayal or retaliation, for killing hero's family..and one different is, the heroine is also belongs to the same family..so she also had taken weapon to kill the villan. The story is not different, which is very common, ancient formula in 70s. But director Ramana able to manage with his screenplay, with some punch dialogues.

In vijay films, Songs will be catchy which will make people to move to theatres. But now in Aathi, Vidayasagar failed to make hits, which fails to promote the film very well. The film is full of blood and gore..and is violence unlimited. You can see a oodles of killings in the movie, including the interval killing of villan's right-hand, by chopping his head with long sword, while flying in the air.

The only acceptable and viewable part of the film is Vijay in songs. He is looking beauty with colored hair and Peterhein's Stunt choreographs. The love between trisha and vijay is not well framed and it is there only in songs. Always I admired with the dialog delivery of Vijay. And this film too, have such scenes. The introduction scenes of both hero and heroine is catchy and esp heroine introduction and the way it is captured by Soundararajan is too different..Trisha (looking cute as angel) in white churidhar, with white pigeon in hand on white bench, killing devan is different idea.

Like paramasivan, Vivek is not doing well in this action packed film. Again he failed to create impression. It's not acceptable of doing ads (a ice cream..) in between the film..and it's a copy of Mazhai film, when the vijay and trisha seeing both in a song, having icecream and enjoyed in the raining..it's too dramatic scene..Saikumar did the villan role..but no difference..same ordinary screeching villan...

The film screened with having a mass hero in their hand. It may be action unlimited film for vijay fans, but they may have tired of seeing the same for last 2 years and continuously two-and-half in their seats.

Onceagain Vijay slipped down in his home production again. No other films of his home production was a hit to him.

Aathi - Unlimited Kolaigal

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paramasivan Movie Review

Paramasivan is strongly advertised as a comeback movie for a slim Ajith. Ajith improved his performance very well in all aspects when compared to his own performance in his earlier movies like Ji, Jana. He was fairly doing well in stunts, dance, songs as well as in facial expressions. Ajith is looking dashing and debonair actor throught the movie. But still he looked tired in his eyes. (when Ajith coming down in the staircase, after cutting his hair..This usual scene for Rajni movies directed by P Vasu..)

SP (Neththiyadi) Nandakumar (Prakash Raj) wants find the backbone for the coimbatore bomb-blasts. So he made Subramaniam Siva (Ajith) to escape from prison, where he is on deathrow. Nandakumar named him as Paramasivan. Paramasivan is staying in his Ooty bangalow with Laila's family. The entire film moves on how Paramsivan finds and destroy the entire team behind the Coimbatore blast.

You cannot blame viewers if the intro scenes of film have the impression of Anniyan, with Ajith having long hairs. They could avoid this. Laila irritated in the movie and her characterization looks awkward. Dheena fame-pair get down here. She is enjoyable only while watching her activities while travelling in flight. Prakashraj proves his capability as a cop and did well. He is another hero in the movie other than Ajith.

Vivek is there in film, but he didn't use the movie to comeback or director didn't used him very well. Jayaram doing a CBI officer (always with mayala dress), but not impressed verymuch. Peter hein made the flashback road stunt (and also intro stunt) as racy and it's nice to see Ajith doing stunts by turning his body like this.

Sekhar. V. Joseph's camera captured ooty ver well and that racy stunt in the roads of chennai. The climax bike stunt is amazing to view except some graphic gimmicks. Vidyasagar disappointed me in songs . Only Oru kili song is good. Undivil is also different and surprise for ajith fans about this fast kuththu song, which is unusual.

Many deviations are there from logic throughtout the movie. But you cannot find time to think of that, where another scene will sit on you. Vasu could made more watchable but he made the film bit racy which will make you to sit-and-watch. Vasu managed with putting all in correct percentage. If all other pongal movies, will not a hit, then Parasivan will rings in BO.

Ajith cameback as phoenix but not flied very high with the wings of P.Vasu.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Pongal

Wish you all a Happy Pongal!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Simbhu-vin Vambu

Whenever Vijay released his movie, it's open to all to know about his next movie. But now, Aathi is going to release tommorrow,but there are no traces for his new film, after the drop of Puli with SJ Suryah. Still the talk is going on for his new movie, whether to have film with Hari or brother of masala-maker Perarasu.

There was a grapevine about the drop of Puli. The man behind the drop of Puli is Simbhu, who wants to use a different idea used in Puli. And I got it to use in his director-debut Vallavan. When vijay came to know about this, he was incensed. Hence the drop of whole project.

Now there is a big question rised in the minds of Vijay fans.
What is the name of Vijay's next film?

King on Chennai Walls

Pathil solluma ethirkalam?

The story of Aathi bought from Telugu (which is Atthanokkade) for 60 lakhs. But the actual story was bought from one of the Tamil Assistant directors, who freaked out by saying the same story to all top heros. The price given by telugu director is 30 lakhs to the concerned assistant director. Actually lot of assistant directors with oodles of good stories are getting rejected in tamil cinema. If the owner of the story was given a chance to shoot a film, now that will be a hit in tamil.

Why a wannabe directors are get rejected like this.
Will this teach a lesson to tamil industry?We have to wait to see the results.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ajith..Still in the race

Tamilcinema.com had a survey and miraculously Ajith is in top of favourite stars, where vijay holds the second place. After a series of flop, he is in top this year. Last year vijay was in top.

Sariya..ithu Sariya

Vijay..Is it real worth to call as next superstar..

He named as a next superstar by media, giving lot of hypes and hopes to his new film and news about him. As a basic criteria, superstars dont have to play a good movies, he also like that. They can do some mass films which will do good at BO. At earlier budding stages of Rajni, he did good movies like Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri, 6 lirunthu 60 varai, Mullum Malarum, Jhony, Kaaikodukkum kaai and the list quite big. He make him comfort in superstar seat after his 50 or 60 movies only. But now media has his own magics to make a film hit or flop. So that Vijay able to go near to the Superstar seat within 35 films. Is it right? Before Tirumalai, he had consecutive six flops. After doing some action films esp Gilli, now he has that brand hi-fi image. I able to list out Thirumalai, Gilli, Thirupatchi as super hit movies and all other films like Mathurey, Sachien, Sivakasi run beyond 50 days because of repetitive advertisements. I had heared lot of reviews of those films which is not make me to go theatre to see these films.

If vijay going to continue in this stereotype way (Puli dropped bcos of not having these
one-man-show hi-fi stuffs), he may sit back for sometime in this year, because lot of good films are in the way. And also his BO rival Ajith also come back, with third eye (caption of Paramasivan) and he might do wonders. He should be take care, while selecting the movies. Otherwise so may be worst things will repeat what he had in 2001, 2002, 2003 years.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Paramasivan - Short Music Review

I have listen the songs from Paramasivan Yesterday. But not able to spend more time to hear
the songs, to review it. So just listing here the short review of the songs

1. Undivil (Shankar Mahadevan, Malathi Lakshman)
It is a typical "Kuthu" song. I hope Cheena Thana fame Rahasiya may be in this song with
Ajith. Sure hit.

2. Natchithira Paravaikku (Tippu, Rajalakshmi)
It is to nice song, which target at children like Chandramukhi's Kokku Para Para.

3. Thangakkili (Madhu Balakrishnan, Srivardhini, Gopika Poornima)
Another Nice melodious song from Madhu Balakrishnan after Ji's Ding Dong. Hope Vidyasagar
using him for cute melodies like Maaja's Solli tharava. It is attarctive, on hearing first.

4. Theme Song (Shankar Mahadevan, Karthik, Tippu, Chandiran, Jemon, Ranjith)
A Patriotic song. It may be a situational song,which will run behind the some scenes. Song is packed with good lyrics.

5. Theme(Instrumental)
Small bit of the same Theme song with instruments.

6. Oru Kili (Madhu Balakrishnan, Sujatha)
This is a Melodious song, nothing new and have same old tunes.

7. Kannan (Saindhavi, Kalyani Menan, Lakshmi Rangarajan)
It is a Small carnatic.

8. Aasai Dosai (Priya Subramani)
A folk song, which should go well with the mass.

Overall, it is a Decent Album but not a great one, should do well once the movie releases. A bit of disappointment from Vidya Sagar.

Friday, January 06, 2006


As I said earlier about a movie running for 100 days, now it happened again for a hero, who is a son of a producer.

Behindwoods said that
He did a movie recently and it bombed at the box-office miserably and the hero feared for his market. His papa talked to the theatre owners and managed to run it for more than 30 days.

It seems the hero is vishal and the movie is sandakozhi. Behindwoods revealed the secret of running a film beyond the milestones there. It seems with Rs.50,000 of amount, the film can reach 50 days, a single show per day. Vijay's Sachein was able to cross 200 days. Even fans of that actor got wondered while seeing 200 days posters.

Is it good or bad..
It is a question that whether this will give a Vasoolraja image for hero?

International Symbol of Marriage

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thala pOla varumaa...

Thalai's Paramasivan audio launched on 30th December. As I already know, Madurai has more number of Ajith fans than any other city in Tamilnadu celebrated it like a Movie's first by pouring milk to hoardings. And still no ajith fans moved out of him, eventhough he doesn't have any hit for a long time.

Madurai's famous audio shop Keestuganam has made a record in selling the Paramasivan audio casettes on the first day. Next Chadramukhi (1300), 1150 casettes are sold for Paramasivan on first day, where it was only 750 for Vijay's Aathi. For Dinamalar Madurai Edition (for its weekly magazine), Keestuganam supplying Top 10 list of their sale and Paramasivan as at the top slot last week.

The owner of Keestuganam says

We have opened the shop at morning 3 a.m. It is also first time other than
Rajini films that Fans started to come 3 am onwards and the first time that the
police came to control the crowd on first day. It has never happened even to
Rajini films. Then the fans pour the milk on the hoardings and they have fired
the crackers in the centre of the main road.

Still I feel the suceess of Chandramukhi have some traces of compassion wave of the Baba's flop. Now Ajith have the same wave for his Paramasivan and the director of both the films is veteran director P.Vasu. Will the magic works again?

Some people may say Ajith is out, do they have an explanation for that ?

Thala is coming again as a Pheonix.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mail Upatheshangal

It is a inevitable to receive/send mails on these type of thathuvams.
Hope the chain of these forwards going to end by this one.
This also i received from one of my friend.

B.E. padi,
Engineera pova...
MBBS padi,
Doctora pova...
B.L. padi,
Vakkeela pova...
B.Ed., padi,
Teachera pova...
Intha mathiri thathuvam padi...
Veena pova...


The flim is a racy entertainer and would be a hit like Run by the same director Lingusamy, if songs were catchy like that. YSR dissapponted me in songs, except a melody 'Thavani potta Deepavali'. On seeing the stories of Anantham, Run and Sandakozhi. I wondered about Ji, how Lingusamy directed it without any traces of heroism. If the Sandakozhi is done by any top level hereos, the film may do much more business. But with Vishal also, it able to do good at BO, with his performance in stunt sequences and dance in songs.

With his action-packed story line, Lingusamy made me to sit and watch the movie except in few of the places. Like the subway stunt sequence in Run, the Bus stunt made me to watch by sitting in the edge of the seat. For the stunt in the night, also so good to watch. If the length of the climax stunt is short, that would attract instead having little longer. Kanal Kannan done a good job after a long time.

Camera is by Jeeva and Nirav Shah. Hope the first college song was shot by Jeeva, where some of the places gave me thought of his April Mathathail song of Vaali. The dialogues could be made better, where that things are not more catchy (doesnt mean the irritating punch dialogues of Vijay films). Eventhough the story line is somewhat similar to Run, the twist made in films make you to sit, without any uncomfortable in seat.

I have to say words about Meera Jasmine and her performance. Her antics are awesome to watch and hilarious to enjoy. Her eyes speaks more than she. Malayalam Villan Lal performed well..But after the intermission, he made a thought of joker in some places. The song Ennamo nadakuthu was shot in the same way of Kathalikkum song in Chellame.

Lingusamy proved that still he is able to understand the pulse of tamil audience after Ji. But it not anything different like Anantham and Run differs in their genre.

SandaKozhi..Rasikka Vaikirathu