Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sariya..ithu Sariya

Vijay..Is it real worth to call as next superstar..

He named as a next superstar by media, giving lot of hypes and hopes to his new film and news about him. As a basic criteria, superstars dont have to play a good movies, he also like that. They can do some mass films which will do good at BO. At earlier budding stages of Rajni, he did good movies like Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri, 6 lirunthu 60 varai, Mullum Malarum, Jhony, Kaaikodukkum kaai and the list quite big. He make him comfort in superstar seat after his 50 or 60 movies only. But now media has his own magics to make a film hit or flop. So that Vijay able to go near to the Superstar seat within 35 films. Is it right? Before Tirumalai, he had consecutive six flops. After doing some action films esp Gilli, now he has that brand hi-fi image. I able to list out Thirumalai, Gilli, Thirupatchi as super hit movies and all other films like Mathurey, Sachien, Sivakasi run beyond 50 days because of repetitive advertisements. I had heared lot of reviews of those films which is not make me to go theatre to see these films.

If vijay going to continue in this stereotype way (Puli dropped bcos of not having these
one-man-show hi-fi stuffs), he may sit back for sometime in this year, because lot of good films are in the way. And also his BO rival Ajith also come back, with third eye (caption of Paramasivan) and he might do wonders. He should be take care, while selecting the movies. Otherwise so may be worst things will repeat what he had in 2001, 2002, 2003 years.

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