Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Paramasivan Movie Review

Paramasivan is strongly advertised as a comeback movie for a slim Ajith. Ajith improved his performance very well in all aspects when compared to his own performance in his earlier movies like Ji, Jana. He was fairly doing well in stunts, dance, songs as well as in facial expressions. Ajith is looking dashing and debonair actor throught the movie. But still he looked tired in his eyes. (when Ajith coming down in the staircase, after cutting his hair..This usual scene for Rajni movies directed by P Vasu..)

SP (Neththiyadi) Nandakumar (Prakash Raj) wants find the backbone for the coimbatore bomb-blasts. So he made Subramaniam Siva (Ajith) to escape from prison, where he is on deathrow. Nandakumar named him as Paramasivan. Paramasivan is staying in his Ooty bangalow with Laila's family. The entire film moves on how Paramsivan finds and destroy the entire team behind the Coimbatore blast.

You cannot blame viewers if the intro scenes of film have the impression of Anniyan, with Ajith having long hairs. They could avoid this. Laila irritated in the movie and her characterization looks awkward. Dheena fame-pair get down here. She is enjoyable only while watching her activities while travelling in flight. Prakashraj proves his capability as a cop and did well. He is another hero in the movie other than Ajith.

Vivek is there in film, but he didn't use the movie to comeback or director didn't used him very well. Jayaram doing a CBI officer (always with mayala dress), but not impressed verymuch. Peter hein made the flashback road stunt (and also intro stunt) as racy and it's nice to see Ajith doing stunts by turning his body like this.

Sekhar. V. Joseph's camera captured ooty ver well and that racy stunt in the roads of chennai. The climax bike stunt is amazing to view except some graphic gimmicks. Vidyasagar disappointed me in songs . Only Oru kili song is good. Undivil is also different and surprise for ajith fans about this fast kuththu song, which is unusual.

Many deviations are there from logic throughtout the movie. But you cannot find time to think of that, where another scene will sit on you. Vasu could made more watchable but he made the film bit racy which will make you to sit-and-watch. Vasu managed with putting all in correct percentage. If all other pongal movies, will not a hit, then Parasivan will rings in BO.

Ajith cameback as phoenix but not flied very high with the wings of P.Vasu.

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Anonymous said...

everybody here knows tht u r a ardent ajith fan .so wen itself sayin tht paramasivan is average i think i shud think a lot before i see paramasivan .hmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

this blog is very boring man .pls change u r style .u r either prasin ajith or u r attackin ajith .nothing more in this blog .