Monday, January 23, 2006

Kathai thanga Main Hero.....

All pongal released films are total washed-out except Paramasivan which saved the life of producer, having sympathy wave of Ajith. It's bad time for tamil cinema, where noother festival face this type of critical result.

Already many people were alarmed Vijay, having a repeated formula in his movies. Now he facing results of that, having a huge losses for his home production from Aathi. It is unable to get its minimum guarantee amount which is Rs.19.2 crore. Atleast he should care of selecting different storyline, instead having heavy punch and repeated dialogues. As said in review, he should not do steoreotype story in near future. Otherwise he will lose his larger-than-life image,
where his rival Ajith, who is hungry, is ready to pickup that.

Eventhough the story and screenplay is not catchy, Paramasivan managed to get his Minimum gurantee amount from theatres, in its first week trade results. The sympathy wave of Ajith among audience makes the film as hit. But it is suffering a lot from second week. Paramsivan collected Rs.9.6 crore from its five day collections, whereas it will collect another 6 crores in last weekend.

Saravana, in which Simbhu try to follow vijay, is a big flop after his totti jaya. Simbhu failed to recover the money as a distributor, who bought the film.

Onecagain, this pongal ensures and proves that the story is the main hero for the film, eventhough the stars are there, after the flop of Baba, having rajni as hero. So hereafter the hereos of tamil cinema should select good story which will suits them better.

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