Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Thala pOla varumaa...

Thalai's Paramasivan audio launched on 30th December. As I already know, Madurai has more number of Ajith fans than any other city in Tamilnadu celebrated it like a Movie's first by pouring milk to hoardings. And still no ajith fans moved out of him, eventhough he doesn't have any hit for a long time.

Madurai's famous audio shop Keestuganam has made a record in selling the Paramasivan audio casettes on the first day. Next Chadramukhi (1300), 1150 casettes are sold for Paramasivan on first day, where it was only 750 for Vijay's Aathi. For Dinamalar Madurai Edition (for its weekly magazine), Keestuganam supplying Top 10 list of their sale and Paramasivan as at the top slot last week.

The owner of Keestuganam says

We have opened the shop at morning 3 a.m. It is also first time other than
Rajini films that Fans started to come 3 am onwards and the first time that the
police came to control the crowd on first day. It has never happened even to
Rajini films. Then the fans pour the milk on the hoardings and they have fired
the crackers in the centre of the main road.

Still I feel the suceess of Chandramukhi have some traces of compassion wave of the Baba's flop. Now Ajith have the same wave for his Paramasivan and the director of both the films is veteran director P.Vasu. Will the magic works again?

Some people may say Ajith is out, do they have an explanation for that ?

Thala is coming again as a Pheonix.

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