Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Innumoru Top Ten

Behindwoods has rated top ten tamil actors excluding Rajni and Kamal. This rating is based on many factors and after the pongal releases.

Ajith bounced backto top one after his Paramasivan's success and Vijay at second. Satyaraj able to hold 8th place than Maddy's 9 and Srikanth's 10.

Quality of Ananda Vikatan

Nice post by keerthi on Ananda Vikatan's quality.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Multiple Star SJ Suryah

SJ Suryah is titled as Multiple star in his recent movie 'Kalvanin Kathali'.
Joke of the Year 2006..

Still now, Surya (athanga, Sivakumar Son) doesn't have any title.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Surprising Visit

Always KK is on top in maintaining friendship among parties. He went to Appollo hospital to see former Assembly Speaker K. Kalimuthu. KK only executed the marriage of Kalimuthu, when came to know about his love.

Senthil and his childish Election Speech

Comedian actor Senthil has joined ADMK..and also nominated for a seat (don't know about the place). I had a chance to read his interview in Ananda Vikatan..With the title as Ye Karunanidhi..Onnidikku onndi varriya. Is he a comedian or villian..is this a way to talk in public meetings..I got upset the way he spelled out things..May long-run politicians can deliver anything..Can he? Senthil! You have to learn lot in politics.. It will reduce his reputation surely among people..

Lot of actors had joined AIADMK..It is a usual incident happening to ADMK after JJ become leader..She wants to attract people..making actors to join..buying rival MLAs...

Purathchi Nayagan Murali, Veteran actor Vijayakumar, Anandaraj, Scripter Liyakath Alikhan, Director Manobala..list is endless..But what they know actually about politics.

And I read a news (may be rumour) that If Senthil going to contest in a seat, for which he nominated, DMK going to give seat for GoundaMani.. If this is real, will Goundamani kick Senthil in Election also?


Again ADMK-ians started to put lot of banners, with JJ in different avatharams. For her birthday, they celebrated in different way..In head office they had cut a large cake..In Salem, they have made her image on the ground with colour powders..Likewise in Virudhachalam, they had banner in which JJ as a some hindu amman..after seeing this, people argued to remove it..Next day morning they had removed it..

Why it was happening to her..Her followers want to impress him in which she will get satisfy..Like Kalil Vizhuthal, this has grown very much in Tamilnadu, whereas the cost of banner are very much low now-a-days.

Still I am able to remember the situtaion which make christian to vote against her in 1996..somebody had put her as Mary Matha, and it became a big issue at that time..Now it was some Hindu Amman..

Or it is a mark of end of her rule in Tamilnadu, like 1996.. But ADMK-ians try to minimize these things atleast upto the election.Otherwise this will itself go against them.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Vaiko with KK

I very much appreciate Vaiko for the decision of being with DPA. If he goes with JJ, surely he will lose his identity, after the POTA case. Now it will be tough job for KK, to share seats with its ally.

Wanna Be Director

I wanna be director, whenever I saw bad movies. I still have a thought i can make good movies than many other. Whenever I had a discussion with my friends, after seeing a movie (especially, 12B), they were very much impressed the way I discussed.

But when seeing Cheran kinda directors flims, I admired and try to think in their way. But anyway, I have my own in telling the stories.

Waiting to make a film.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Anniyan Kalaignar

I had received a mail, which is hilarious.
In that kalaignar is picturised as Anniyan.
It's a good campaign, KK ever had.

Friday, February 17, 2006


[Pic Courtesy : Behindwoods]

Cheran into City flick subject this time with IR's music. Cheran get out off village based stories right from BharathiKannamma. Hope this will be also a blockbuster as his movies. In one of the promo poster, Cheran is looking him to looking glass to find rajni in virtual world. It is the story of a middle class family.

I am eagerly waiting to see him in Maayakannadi, where I admire him always, in the way of telling thoughtful message in commercial cinema from his debut movie.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kudos Team India

Indian Cricket Team won Hutch Cup 2006 in Pakistan after winning the fourth one day in Multan. Once again, we won as Team.

Keep the Spirit Indians!!!


Thanks to lazygeek who published gorgeous pictures of Marudhanayagam. It really awesome to see unearthy worthful pictures. Here again Marudhayagam in the news that Kamal started to shoot it again. But the million dollar question is will he shoot back from first reel or use the previously shooted things?

Anyway, it's a good news to see the film again on the floors.

Aathi Compensation

SA Chandrasekar has accepted to give compensation for the failure of Aathi. But not as Money, he will compensate it with his next production, in which Vikram may act as hero.

Will 'Guard'Father save Ajith?

Finally, the music of godfather got released yesterday. The promos are unusual and Ajith become hot after the marginal success. And also after a long ARR music getting released and his fans are also eager to see his favorite. Eventhough the release was happen yesterday with lot of fanfare, still there is no casettes available in famous places like Landmark.

Is it a publicity gimmick?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Leave Letter

Dear Sir,

As I am suffering from fever, give me a leave for one day.
Thanking you.

Your obediently,
Karthikeyan M

Sudden change in Chennai's weather, made me to write this letter.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Tamilnadu State Film Awards for 2003 and 2004 was announced atlast. But, it seems to be nothing great. Having their supporters in the main list, always ruling party will satisfy them. This time too, they have satisfied Kushboo(Best second film), Radharavi(Best Character artist-2004), Mayilsamy(Best Comedian-2003), Alex (Best Villan-2003)and others too. I dont even hear some of the movie names which are in the list, huh!

I dont remember the comedy tracks of Kangalal kaithu sei. But I am sure it will not be great than Vadivel's track. Vadivel's Winner was not selected, which had created a wave in the comedy tracks and big turning-point for Vadivel.

As Balaji said, there was big surprise in selection of Best actor for 2004. Its Jeyam Ravi. Did he performed well than others in that year?

So no importance should be given to these type of awards, at anytime.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Saami-yum Aaru-um

Director Hari got State's Best Screenplay writer award for his debut film Prashanth starrer Thamizh. After that he made Sami, which was a blockbuster. From Kovil, Arul, he doesn't have anything as new in his stories but manages with the screenplay, till Aaru.

Yesterday I had a chance of seeing Ithu thaana from Saami. Aaru's Pakkathe ennai Pakkathe has the same style of it. When words are coming in the song, some incidents between Vikram and Thrisha are shown. If music only comes, thrisha will be in some hill area with/without the hero. If you will see both the songs, you will also feel that. Only both are different in their feelings. Now hope he doesn't have any innovative ideas within him. Only the editor make the song pakkathe ennai pakkathe to see by making black-white to colour and stabilizing the shadow using latest technology. Without this technical touch, Saami's ithu thana will be a good one with Vikram and Trisha's Seishtaigal.

Still I am worried, as per gossips, what would be the results if Rajni acted in Hari's film.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Got it back

I lost my mobile nokia 3120 on Monday. While coming to office, I had missed it. When I tried to reach my mobile, it was ringing. After some 50 attempts, the person who have the mobile, attended and accepted to give it. BUt I had waited for two days. He didn't come to give that. After involving lot of people in my area velachery, I was able to identify the mobile. Today I got it back.

When I enquired with police regarding this, they explained that they have some trechnology to find the mobile. If you lost it, book a complaint in crime branch. There is a chance to get it back. To get it back, you should know the service number of your mobile.

Kaththu namma pakkam veesuthu

Ajith has signed to work with Arithum Ariyamalum Vishnuvarthan after Bala's Naan Kadavul. The music will be done by Yuvan Shankar Raja, afteer Dheena. He may also put some weight after Naan Kadavul, but not as he was in Red. Now Ajith become a hot star, after grand opening of Paramasivan. There is a much more expectation for his godfather.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Murasu kotta Varugirar Vijay

It's happy news for vijay fans that he is going to act in the film Murasu, which will be directed by Muthuvadigu, younger brother of Masala king Perarasu. After a big failure of Aathi in box office, Vijay needs to proove him in this.

The backbone for this will be Perarasu, who will be directing the film by remote control through Muthuvadigu.


You may receive lot of mails and SMS on Aathi, the pongal released Vijay film. After this movie, different type of message filling the inboxes. Why it is happening for Aathi only, where both Paramasivan and Aathi was in same line? It seems after Ganguly, Vijay was criticized in this way. Whatever the thing, it should not happen and it is not a right way to do. I had also forwarded some couple of mails on this. But i should not do it in future.

Some samples..


Two vettians are talking...
V1 : ennada innaikku innum oru ponam kuda varala.
V2 : Konjam porumaya iruda..ippo than AATHI padathoda morning shift start agierukku


Vijay : Help! Help!
Yeman : No help! unnoda kadaisi aasai ennanu sollu..
kilambura neram vanthatchchu..
Vijay : ungaloda sErnthu AATHI padam pakkanum
Yeman : Help! Help!


Sweet Kadai owner : AATHI padam odura theatrekku pakkathula sweet kadai
vatchathu thappa potchu..
Vanthavar : yEn?
Owner : Theatrela E otrathunala ella E-yum inga vanthuduchchu?

Seeing these SMSes, I am appreciating the creativity of SMS creator. But it is not right way to use this. We should avoid these.


Read This in “Giri” Film Style…

Vadivelu’s Sister: Enna Anna Soagama irukeenga!
Vadivelu : Varum podhu oru naadhari paya “AADHI” padam ticket thanthan ma. Sarinnu
pona Summa mooonu mani neram moochu thenara thenara parthen athan.
Vadivelu’s Sister: Oadi vandhirukalamilla!
Vadivelu : Padam parkumbothu oruthan sonnan “ Dey ivan VIJAY padam parka
andhurukaan da.Romba “THAIRYASAALI”nu sollittama”. Naanum
evlo neramathan padam pakkara Madhiriyae nadikirathu sollu!

I prayed when Ganguly hitted very much in this way..Now for Vijay too.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Dishyum Movie Review

Jeeva and Sandhya are very careful in selecting their characters and they got it right. Sandhya, after Kathal, once again had a weightage character and used the chance very well. Jeeva expressed the feelings of a film stuntman very well. The scene when the college friends of Sandhya approached the Jeeva is notable, where his manerism looks and fits perfectly as stunt man, by putting and chewing Panparagh.

The story is one line and usual for tamil cinema. Bhaskar, called as 'Risk' Bhaskar(Jeeva), is doing dupes for top heroes in action scenes. He met Chindhya (Sandhya), art college student and they became friends. After a time, he expressing his love to Chindhya. But she refused it. She also told Bhaskar that if she is also in love later point, she would marry him. What happens in the end is the climax.

Sasi weaved the screenplay well as his guru Bhagyaraj. Only the screenplay makes you to sit, where there is nothing new in story. Only the way, they selected the base for the film is different. Even the film is about a stuntman, it doesn't have any big stunt sequences. After Raam, Jeeva did a good job. The dialogue delivery also improved very well. But still he has a long way to go. Sandhya, have a lot of scope to act, did a appreciable job. Dishyum had released after one year of Kathal. Is she want to select the movies based on his characters? Because this movie falls on that. Nasser and Anni Malavika did a good performance as parents of Chindhya.

Comedy scenes are good and Pakru, the dwarf played as Amithab makes you to laugh. This is different for tamil cinema using a unfamilar one for comedy and able to manage and make the viewers to laugh. When Bhagyaraj's Rasukutty was released, Sempuli Jegan character was very famous (comdeian also new) for different comedy. Now its Pakru as Amithab.

Songs are not too catchy but able to climb on charts very well. Especially 'Nenjam Koottil' is a good one. If you hear the Dilamo song, you will able to recognize that the music is done by Sukran fame Vijay Antony. This song has lot of similarities with Sukran Songs. But good to hear. Camera captured the scenes very well, but not too impressing except some scenes.

This Dishyum is entertaining the viewers with needed stuffs. But the climax could be a different one, which is a usual hospital end here. After the death of Nasser, it is going in a expected way. Excluding the dramatic climax, all others are well placed and will attract viewers which is a good relief from unrooted masala-ed action films.

I am still wondering why this movie got A Certificate. I am not able to find anything like that except some of the comedies like Card selecting screen and Amithab with Mahanadhi Shankar. But we can say it is a clean entertainer.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy news for Cine Goers

Sify has listed the films to be released in Feb month. It's around 15. It's a happy news for tamil cine goers.

February 3

February 9/10
Idaya Thirudan, Madrasi, Kodambakkam, Chitiram Pesithe, Sathurangam, Thullura Vayasu

Kalaba Kathalan, Amirtham, Perarasu, Theenda Theenda, Thakappan Sami

February 24
Godfather, Poi, December 26, Thambi

Bhagyaraj's Parijatham had been informed for release on Pongal itself. But it is missing here. Why?

Get ready to enjoy this Thiruvizha. But atleast five films should be worth to see.

Next B

The letter B stands for creator of Great cinemas in Tamil. Once again, tamil cinema prooves this, by having Bala in his feather.

Every movie of Bala, having a different genre, tells more..narrates more..teaches more..to the society. I was not able to sleep well after seeing Pithamagan, when remembering the way, the character of Surya is and how he was killed.

The style of his screenplay is gorgeous and it is amazing when the characters are sculptured. And climax is very different in his film. Still I feel that Bharathi Kannama and Sethu have good climax in this generation.

So next to Balachander, Bharathiraja, Balu Mahendra, Bhagyaraj, we have Bala. Will he proves his name once again? To get answer for this, we have to wait to see Naan Kadavul.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Is it good to have review of a movie before the release in the big screens.

'Sollamale','Rojakoottam' fame Sasi's Dishyum going to release tomorrow. But the review is available here. It seems the movie is fine, having good screenplay. Onceagain, Sasi prooved that he was from Bhagyaraj's group.

I am planned to watch this on Saturday in Sathyam. Lets see, how the movie is?