Saturday, February 25, 2006

Senthil and his childish Election Speech

Comedian actor Senthil has joined ADMK..and also nominated for a seat (don't know about the place). I had a chance to read his interview in Ananda Vikatan..With the title as Ye Karunanidhi..Onnidikku onndi varriya. Is he a comedian or this a way to talk in public meetings..I got upset the way he spelled out things..May long-run politicians can deliver anything..Can he? Senthil! You have to learn lot in politics.. It will reduce his reputation surely among people..

Lot of actors had joined AIADMK..It is a usual incident happening to ADMK after JJ become leader..She wants to attract people..making actors to join..buying rival MLAs...

Purathchi Nayagan Murali, Veteran actor Vijayakumar, Anandaraj, Scripter Liyakath Alikhan, Director Manobala..list is endless..But what they know actually about politics.

And I read a news (may be rumour) that If Senthil going to contest in a seat, for which he nominated, DMK going to give seat for GoundaMani.. If this is real, will Goundamani kick Senthil in Election also?

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