Friday, February 10, 2006

Saami-yum Aaru-um

Director Hari got State's Best Screenplay writer award for his debut film Prashanth starrer Thamizh. After that he made Sami, which was a blockbuster. From Kovil, Arul, he doesn't have anything as new in his stories but manages with the screenplay, till Aaru.

Yesterday I had a chance of seeing Ithu thaana from Saami. Aaru's Pakkathe ennai Pakkathe has the same style of it. When words are coming in the song, some incidents between Vikram and Thrisha are shown. If music only comes, thrisha will be in some hill area with/without the hero. If you will see both the songs, you will also feel that. Only both are different in their feelings. Now hope he doesn't have any innovative ideas within him. Only the editor make the song pakkathe ennai pakkathe to see by making black-white to colour and stabilizing the shadow using latest technology. Without this technical touch, Saami's ithu thana will be a good one with Vikram and Trisha's Seishtaigal.

Still I am worried, as per gossips, what would be the results if Rajni acted in Hari's film.

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