Friday, December 30, 2005

Laila Ponnukku Kannalam


This name may be more popular than what it is now, if she acted in VIP instead of Simran, in which she was booked initially. But the things changed because of gossips made on her about extracting more money from producer by staying in five star hotel, even before having a shooting of single frame. Ok..Forget all that.

Now she going to marry a Mumbai-based businessman on Jan-6. I have a doubt now also, that how these heroines going as a life partner to a businessman always. She acted in very few than expected, but did good jobs in Nanda, Ullam Ketkume, PithaMagan, Kanda Naal Muthal and Innum en manakanakil varatha sila padangal. In between there was a gossip that director Bala going to marry Laila. That came to end, once Bala tied a knot for a Madurai girl.

Anyway, nobody going to miss Laila, like Simran. Whenver I thought Laila, her cheek with small
hollow will come to my mind.

Congrats Laila...

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adieu 2005

It is the time to give a walk backwards onto the roots of 2005.
What is special in this year and what sort of incidents I come across...

I had visited Vadapalani Murugan Temple veryless in this year, when compared to 2003 and 2004.In my Chennai life, it is the place I have visited more times than anyother.Initially I tried to go fortnightly and then it came to montly. Now It drags to bi-monthly.Going to Vadapalani, give me a peace-thoughtful moments, I forgot my life, my wealth when I see the Murugan. I love Muruga..from my childhodd days. When I was in my home I usually visit Palani atleast once in a year..and most of the time my hairs were devoted to Thandayuthapani. My weekend plan is going to Vadapalani Temple this saturday.

Another acheivement (on 12-Jul) is my 'Bike Kanavu'. Before buying my Hero Honda splendor plus, I had a thought to book Bajaj's discover (I omitted Pulsar from my list, by seeing its weight and height). But evrybody, When I asked whats to buy, suggested to buy splendor. At that time I able to justify the question arise in mind about the number of splendor in Chennai.. It's black (is black horses there) with blue wings. I liked it very much. But after this continuous rain, it covered with lot of dust and manage, by clearing the dust nearby my seat. I have to wash my bike in this weekend.

Change of my work place. I would call it like that only. Now I am in Tidel, with comfortness in Job at TCS. This was my College Days Dream to get into TCS.BUt didn't have single chance right from there. When I had, God makes all things right and Now I am here. I am also trying to make my company to climb to Top 10.

It is a black year for me as film-goer. I saw very few number of released movies and not able to see more because of my resolution of not-seeing-movie-on-pirated-VCD. Eventhough, went to all the films, which are listed in Top 10 in both the category (BO and quality) of movies. Chandramukhi, Anniyan, Ghajini, Arinthum Ariyamalum, Ji (First day, Second show as Rasigan), Thavamai Thavamirunthu, Ayya, Ullam Ketkume,London, Aei, and A Aa. In UG at Madurai, I spent most of the time to see all Tamil movies, Even twice at some time, with my friend Manikandan. I really missed that times truely.

And Everyyear, My friends list getting added and some pages of that book is remaining there, without touching for a quite long time. Eventhough the list is becoming big and it's tough to manage time for all, it becoming quite voluminous. Everytime I get scolded from somebody not putting a call to them. Eventhough I love to have many as friends and having them throughtout
my life.

This year my heart-near friends flied to various lands and digging there to bag dollar/pounds
to India. Some are Krishnakumar, Senthilkumar, Kubendran, Devi, Pradee, Gayathri and still more. When we had our campus interview at our college, everything was a dream..Even entering into a doorsteps of a high-profile company. Now we are positioned to go onsite, from the same company. Inspite of staying and sticking there with greencard, life of 1-4 years will be enough. It's purely upto the person. That is my own thought.

As all know, the list very long..Will write more, if have time.

Good Bye 2005 varudamE!!


These days I am receiving lot of mails regarding Thathuvams..
I liked the following thathuvams which are different from others in some way.

I have listed here to make you enjoy while reading.

Ticket vangittu ulla pona adhu cinema theater - Ana
ulla poittu ticket vanginaa adhu operation theater

Enna than meenuku neendha therinjalum - adhala
meen kolambula neendha mudiyadhu

Nee Evalavu periya dance master'a irundhalum - un
saavuku unnala aada mudiyathu

Oru erumbu nenacha 1000 yanaya kadikkum - Ana
1000 yana nenachalum oru erumba kooda kadikka mudiyadhu..

Trainukku ticket vaangi platformla okkaralam - Ana
platformukku ticket vaangi trainla poga mudiyadhu {logical one}

Ennadhan Naaiku 4 kaal irundhalum - Adhaala
Kaal mela kaal pottu ukkara mudiyaadhu

Do you have anything like these..Then mail me or add as comment

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


This is my 50th post...

I owe Balaji, from whom I got inspiration for blogging. I had started and created blog on 18th Oct, 2004. But I couldn't continue in posting for various hard reasons. Initially I had a thought to post technical things. But not able to accomodate myself in that area.

Thanks to Venkat, my friend, who gave me idea to do this.As a baby, this is my first rollover, where i started to see the world in a different view.

Wish me to grow and post more..

Monday, December 26, 2005

Aththaa..Naan Paasayitten

As I said earlier about the Cine Quiz posted by Balaji, He revealed the answers. My name is appeared and I am pass on that quiz by answering all the questions correctly..

We need these type of quizzes to relax.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Top 10 Songs of 2005

It's a year end. So you can see lot of Top 10's around all the places..
I have started my top 10 after seeing the top 10 songs from Sify.

By taking the top 10 songs for 2005 from Sify, I have rated based on my views and of my friends. Sify's rating may be based on the repeation in hearing the song or Music-Box collection.
The list given here is purely a people's choice.
My favourite things are bracket-ed at the suffix.

1.Ghajini:“Suttrum Vizhi”
Singers: Sriram Parthsarathy, Bombay Jayasree
Music director: Harris Jayaraj.

2.Aa Aah: “Mayilirage…”
Sung by Madhusree, Naresh Iyer
Music director: A.R.Rahman

3.Raam: `Aarariraro…`
Sung by Yesudas
Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja.

4.Chandramukhi:`Devuda Devuda….”
Sung by SPB
Music director: Vidyasagar.

5.Anniyan:`Andankakka Kondakkari…`
Sung by Jassie Gift, Kay Kay, Shreya Ghosal
Music director: Harris Jayaraj

6.Arindhum Ariyamalum:“Theepudikka….”
Sung by Anushka, Premji
Music director:Yuvan Shankar Raja.

7.Ayya: “Oru Vaartha Kelka…”
Sung by Kay Kay, Sadhana Sargam
Music director: Bharadwaj.

8.Tirupachi: “Kumbida Pona deivam.…”
Sung by Shankar Mahadevan, Malathi
Music director: Dheena.

9.Sivakasi: “Ada Ennatha Solvenungo…”
Sung by Anuradha Sriram, Udit Narayanan
Music director:Srikanth Deva

10.Mazhai: “Nee Varumbothu…
Sung by Chitra, Raqueeb-Alam, Kalpana
Music director: Devi Sri Prasad.

Comments are welcome..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Puli Varuthu..Puli Varuthu

[Intha pOstirkkum Mele Ulla Padathirkkum satrum sambantham kidayathu]

After a awesome success of Ghajini, which had inspirations from the Hollywood film, Memento, now the Puli of Vijay-SJSuryah has the traces of The Punisher.

Vijay doing a cop role first time in his career and SJS is now changing the story of The Punisher for Tamil.The movie Punisher was an action based thriller with lots of fighting, gunplay and explosions. The hero of the movie was an FBI Special agent who overcame the villains with his intelligence and iron determination.

Intha padam Nija Puliya... illai Puli thOl porthiya Pasuva..
April 14 will reveal the answer..

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cinema-vum Thamizha-num

After seeing yesterday post of bbthots, I was in hurry to send answers. My friends named me in different names as Another film news Ananthan, Cine Database, etc. First time I want to test that. So I had answered all the questions in the time span of 5 minutes and send the answers to balaji. I am eagerly waiting for the results like a Higher secondary waiting to see his results.

Actually these type quizzes are funny and will brush-up our memory power. Hope balaji got a lot of responses for this through mail.

Whenever I saw a film, I will see it from the title card by watching the name of each and every technician. That habit started from my UG where my friend also like me. We watched atleast 5 movies a week, some films may be repeated. Couple of times, we went for continuous shows. Now it get minimized because of the work I am doing and the cost of tickets at the theatre, in Chennai. But I will never see the films, through pirated CDs, eventhough I met lot of chances for that.
In my village, I wondered by seeing many of my friends/people, criticizing the film with their story, screenplay and technical aspects. Every Thamizhan is linked with some movie or hero and he worshiped that hero without any limitations. We cannot pull them away from cinema.

Whatever may be the thoughts or ideas, please see the film in theatre. Avoid seeing the film through pirated CDs. It is equal to the credit somebody getting from the work you are doing. Will you accept that?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Puthusu Kanna Puthusu

A new search site in the name of Previewseek has come up with some more options like previewing and categorizing the results. Check here to have a look of the new site. If you type 'Mercury' in google and it will also show you results of Planet mercury even if you are looking for info on the element called Mercury. Where as in PreviewSeek first you get different categories of mercury (Planet, Element and what not!) and from there you can proceed only into that

Is it going to be a Google's Nambiar...

Mella Thamizhini…

On first week of December, one of my friends called up and asked to tell the first 5 lines of Aththichchudi. I had started and stuck on 3rd line. He needs that because he was playing Chris Mom- Chris Child game among his team. Then I called some more friends and I asked the same. Everyone started and not able to pass to 3rd line. At that time, I wondered. At last, I found here and conveyed it to him. He got couple of chocolates by winning. Is it true that, we are slowly forgetting all our old epics and writings? If you also like me, in asking the same question, then please try to spread that and make awareness among the children...

Kaneer Anjali

Maatham mummaari pozhinthathu pOei eppOvellam
Thingal oru murai tharisanam tharukirathu Chennaiyil..

Chennayil ithu Mazhaikalam..Vazhum
Makkalukko ithu poratha kalam.....

The stampede for relief funds which got 42 people killedwas the most terrific one, hits Tamilnadu now. Is it because of the Government inability in controlling people or people inorderness in getting the money. Whatever may be the reason it happened andtoday 42 families are suffering by the loss its member.My deep conslation to the family and atleast Tamilnadu should learnthings from these incidents. Government staff should take correct precautionary steps to avoid these things in future.

If they could learn lessons from the Visayarpadi incident(same kinda thing happened before 40 days), they will avoid this.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Cini Thulikal

Thalaivar's Shankar directed Sivaji has official website. But that still under construction. You can see the developed one in ten or twenty days.

Thalai's Godfather resumed and one week shooting is going on. Hope the film will be released for Feb 14.

In Sivaji, Rajkiran may act. Rajni and Shankar get impressed after seeing his talent in TT.

Yesterday on Thinathanthi, a leading Tamil newspaper, I saw an advertisement of the Sandaikozhi. The movie going to release today. Nearby that, another ad, which made me a convulsive laughter, is the pooja of the film Vedakozhi. Mumtaj is the heroine. On what basis directors are selecting the name of the film. Do you have any idea.

After marriage, Top star Prashanth have couple of films n his hands..Thagappan Sami, Petrol, Pulai Visaranai II, Jambavan, Runway are the films in line..Ellam puthu ponnu vantha neram...

After 2003 diwali, both Ajith and Vijay going for hunt at box-office for Pogal 2006. Who will one? Like Rajni and Kamal, only one had success, when their films get released simultaneously.
For Villan and Bhagavati, Villan did well and among Thirumalai and Anjaneya, first did good business..Now Vijay's Adhi and Ajith's Paramasivan..Who going win?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal

I can honestly declare that Yuvan made the flim watchable with his remarkable songs and pleasing background throughout the film. The movie which is a musical hit before the release, will always do good business most of the time. You want to watch a entertainment movie, you can step-in to the theatre, where KNM is screened.

Always I have a good opinion about Prakashraj and the way he selected the movie as a producer. Full of entertainment without a single over-masaal-ed item like item number, double enterndre, hyped stunts, low-taste sleaze etc.. For me, Azhagiya Theeye is very good than KNM, eventhough first one was bad at Box-office.

The flim is a narration of two - obviously hero prasanna and Heroine Laila, and how they get into heart-touch life. The third person Karthik is also there. So you can expect traingular love..but in some different dress. It is a debut of Priya V as a director after well-shaped by Maniratnam..She did each and every frame in a touchy manner, where you can enjoy the flow of movie, without any jerks. The picturisation of songs are very nice and that shows who is her teacher...

Prasanna..After Azhagiya theeye..he perfomed very well here, where he used the opportunity well as a actor. The way he expressed his feelings in climax and some scenes before that is really good. Prakashraj found a low-budget actor, who will also do good at screen.

Laila..After a lovely and screaming performance in Ullam Ketkume and Pithamagan, she steals the show in KNM. She came and occupied our heart with his remarkable, well-defined action. But I am missing something in her, when compared to a lifetime action in Nanda. (Her acts in Pun paniya song is still in my eye)

Karthik..As a american-trendy lover boy, expresses his feeling very well..but less scope for acting..

As a cameraman, PC.Sreeram did some blacky, darkened shots, which is his trend-set touch. I thought he is still in 90's where he has to bring some new ideas to film, instead repeating the same manner.

Another thing is its dialogue(E.Ramadoss), which is very good in some places. This make the movie to go with smooth flow.

Instead of watch some usual trend cinemas like Sivakasi, this will be a good one to see and spend time, which willl not put any violence, sexy thoughts in our mind.

The film has nothing to teach, nothing to bore, nothing to embarrass you. But you can sit comfortable in your seats.

Kanda Naal muthal..becomes a hit movie on padalgalai Ketta Naal Muthal..

Kandal Naal Muthal..Thendral

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Vetkam! Vetkam! Vetkam!

I am able to see lots of blogs (Including this) saying happy birthday to Rajnikanth and Cheran on Dec 12. Anybody know that Dec 11 is a birthday of Mahakavi Subramania Bharathiyar? Is the way to acknowledge him and his thoughts.

Oh..So that had he written the song..

Nallathor veenai seithe athai

Kurangu and Lazygeek has blog on Bharathi..Nandri Thamizh Arvalargale.

Belated Birthday Wishes Nenjuram Konda Tamil Vengaiye....

Un Thamizhukkum Puthumai Sinthanaikkum Thalai Vanangukiren..

Happy Karthigai Thirunaal Vazhthukkal

This day spread lights and try to make our heart, with full of spritual knowledge. I accept the thoughts of Kaviyarasu Kannadhasan in his Arththamulla Inthumatham. He said that each and every activities insisted by Hinduism have some meaning. It's really true. Did you realize that? I am going to list out the activities and true meaning behind that in my future blog.

Happy Karthigai!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Bday Cheran..

Today is a birthday of another man from cini world..Mr.Cheran..who paves a new route for Tamil Cinema..and occupies a different pinnacle.

I really get impressed after seeing his interview with sify and the way he answered for the question about the length of the movie.

Don’t you think that TT was a bit lengthy for the audience?
If people can watch a one-day cricket match patiently without missing a single ball for nearly 8 hours why not my film? It is only 3 hours and 22 minutes!

Happy Bday Cheran...

Happy BDay Thalaivaaa!!

[Pic Courtesy :]

Happy Birthday Thalaivaa..
Vazhga Pallandu

Friday, December 09, 2005

ithu Net tea-Kadai

It's essential to have a ecopy of daily newspaper in Tamil. Dinamalar have made this and you can view that here.

Thanks to Keerthi and my college friend Muthu, the people who introduce this to me.

Gone are the days..
sitting in tea-kadai and reading new papers..

Reviews on Magazine

I always have trust on content quality of Ananda Vikatan (AV) and their film review. I know most of the people also have same opinion on AV. You might see lot of the film posters having the marks of AV in that. Up to my knowledge, still Nayagan and Mahanadhi stay on top with 60 out of 100. After a very long period Cheran's recent product Thavamai Thavamirunthu owns good review with 53. (Autograph is 48) I have faith on AV's film review, which will explains each and every technical thing of the film. Many people decide to go to film after seeing its review.

Meanwhile, Kumudam also gave 4.7 out of 5 for TT. I always wonder about the reviews of Kumudam. I am unable to come for some conclusion that whether they are reviewing the film based on Quality or on commercial. They rated latest movies under two topics such as Box office Top 5 and Kumudam Top 5. According to sify, Kandal Naal mudhal is in top of all the films in box-office for last week which is not appearing in Kumudam box office top 5.

But the views on films will be different from people to people and always AV and Kumudam will be at two ends. Eventhough, TT got high ratings among all with their quality and content, don’t know whether make profit at box office.

After trimming the film by 12 minutes, to give a relief to theatres, we have to wait for another one week, to see whether these ratings do magic at box-office.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Puyale Puyale Chennai Puyale

[Coutesy : MSN Weather]

Once again storm visting Chennai..Peaple are worrying on hearing this news and Chennai going to swamp once again....

I am leaving early from Office..before the storm reaches Chennai..
Already a heavy wind is blowing and I don't know whether by bike allow me to ride in that..

This is Dec 9th Morning 7 O' Clock status..

Vanthathe Puyal Vanthathe..JeeBoomba Yaar SonnathO...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Computer Thoughts

Computer and the hands related to it becomes a part of today's world and for everything they are using this.

Simple sample...

Another one in this way...

Makka..intha alavukku akiteengale...ennaththa solla..pO..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Thanks Kamal'Ji'

When I read an article in Behindwoods, I said thanks to Padmasree Kamal to bring new technical things to Tamil Cinema. His latest imported one is shooting Vettaiyadu Vilayadu film in 35 mm cinemascope. Vettaiyadu vilaiyadu is the first film in Indian Cinema shot in 35 mm. Other well known made in 35 mm is mega hit Hollywood film Titanic. Still VV has 25 shooting remaining. The film is scheduled to release on April 14.

Nooravaathu Naal..Is it Real?

Surya starrer Aaru is going to be released on Dec 9. This flim going to remove and replace Sivakasi in most of the theatres in Chennai and State. Now Vijay and his father S.A. Chandrasekar asked the theatre owners to retain and continue sivakasi atleast for 50 days. On Dec 8, Sivakasi completing its 38th day. It happened to Ghajini when it was replaced by Sivakasi, on its 39th day Even the theatres, which going to release Aaru, have Vijay's Aadhi in their hands to be release on Pongal, which again 35th day of Aaru.Theatre owners are explaining that they are getting collections only from first 20-25 days. After that the flim is running only on compulsion of stars.

Still I have doubt about Vijay's Sachien which completes its 200th day in Chennai (One theatre, One show). It seems it was happened because of its hero. When I saw the 100th day poster of Sibiraj's Jore, I was totally collapsed and got smiles.I came to conclusion that I shouldn't go to films only on seeing the posters showing the number of days with highlight.

When I was in my hometown, some people said that if the film run for 100 days in Madurai, then it will be super hit. Don't consider Chennai for this, where it would be running because of the hero/producer.

Is the number of days going to be a rank for the heroes?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Thavamai Thavamirunthu

Thanks to Cheran for giving an opportunity to have a view of our childhood days and the parental care. The flim is a bio-graphy of a father by a son, while the father counting his days in hospital bed.

The film is about Muthiah (Raj Kiran) , his wife Sarada (Saranya) and his two sons. Elder son is Radio Mirchi RJ Senthil in the name of Ramanathan and Cheran lived as Ramalingam. Muthiah is the owner of a printing press and by his hardwork and by getting loans, he giving a good education to his children. He wanted to make his sons to be in a good positions. And Ramanathan joins in Polytechnic and Ramalingam joins Engineering.

After getting marriage with Latha (Meena), Ramanathan moved to led a city life, because of Latha, who is not adjusting with Muthaih and Saradha. Meanwhile, Cheran falls love with Vasanthi (Padmapriya). Situations make Vasanthi to pregnant by Ramalingam (Here I have to appreciate Cheran, where he captured this without a single bit of Vulgarity. Imagine if Some others (Selvaraghavan, Balumahendra) has directed the same.. ) and they are pushed to go Chennai to marry. There they get a girl baby. By realizing their mistakes, they return to Village to led a life with their parents. Ramalingam taking care of his parents till their last minute and give them a peaceful life with great enjoyment.

Everybody will get drop of tears, when Rajkiran come to Chennai to see and to give money to Ramalingam. Film starts with black and white screen and all present tense will be in black and white whereas past are in colour (like HeyRam). Rajkiran did a great performance and his fabulous acting will make us to realize many things in our life. He dominated the whole film and where he is the hero of the flim by story itself. Saranya also did a lifetime character which is not easy to get these type of roles. She handles it really well. Cheran as director got all the emotions from actors very well as per his expectations. Even the new comers Radio Mirchi RJ Senthil and Meena done their job very well. Padmapriya got a good opening in Tamil cinema.

Music is by Sabesh-Murali. Their creative background is good support for the film and the songs 'ore oru orrile', 'unnai saranadathen' are on top. In audio, you may hear a song 'Ola' which is very native to Madurai (Oppari kina song) is not present in the flim.

The drawback of the flim is its length. We can't say it is slow, because cheran need the expressions and emotions to be realistic. No wonder Cheran calls it a novel on screen it really u a feeling of turning the pages in a good novel.

Really a very good movie and everybody should see the flim and should take care of their parents. But it will be nice if you watch this with your parents.
Cheran by his bold and realistic way, has directed a good life in big screen, without compromising anything. Every bit of a film is an emotion. But don't know whether the people will sit for a long time. If they sit, then the flim will be success in box-office also. Then only we can expect good film in tamil cinema.

Congrats Cheran

Thavamai Thavamirunthu - Varam

Friday, December 02, 2005

BAZZ - Today's Boss

[Chepauk Stadium on December 2, 2005. Picture Courtesy : The Hindu]

It seems that Rain Goddess always wants to watch the match played by India. So that it always comes to Chepauk MA Chidambaram stadium, Chennai, whenever there is a match. Still yesterday, it was cloudy. But today morning, it started pouring in Chennai. Chennai enjoying(?) continuous rainfall for the past 5 hours. The result First day of First Test match between India and Srilanka getting abondoned. Now rain is a baddie character for Cricket fans and they are throwing words malevolently against rain, thinking as if Nambiar has comes between MGR and JJ.

Already there is a case in HC against Cricket Association, in paying back of money collected for third ODI between South Africa and India. Some organisations pasted posters in the city buses asking to return Money or to give that as a flood relief fund.

Yesterday, fans were stayed for long hour in queue to get their tickets for the Test match. Will the Bazz (new name of present storm) allow it to happen?

When I heard an Ironic statement("After release of the film 'Mazhai' only, Chennai is getting this heavy rain.") by a stranger while walking in a road-side platform, I was smiled and thought about the life of tamilians and cinema.

Still something is there to be washed out in our minds...

Cheran-in Thavam Kalainthathu...

Cheran was happy to see his film on white screen after a month delay. Thavamai Thavamirunthu going to release tomorrow, Dec 3. I am able to see couple of posters of 'TT' all over Chennai with photos resembles like 'Autograph'. Songs are also good to hear and some are folk numbers. Now length of the film has reduced to 3 hours 11 minutes where it was 3 hours 42 minutes previously.

We Cheran is the director giving a moral based cinemas, with have different life-base-line in his films. And all films earned good ratings among people eventhough some doesn't pick money well in theatres. I am sure this will be another feather in his cap. And I am eagerly waiting to see his Thavamai Thavamirunthu.
Wishing Cheran and his 'TT' to have good entry and to do good business at box-office.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

World's A.I.D.S Day

Today is World's AIDS day.
This picture says more than my words.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Andan kakka konda kaari

You may received a lot of mails and SMS with relegious touch, asking you to forward a message to morethan 10 members to make your wishes fruitful. Yesterday I had received a SMS from my childhood friend Wilson and it was different and nice to read..

Andan kakka konda kaari..!
Send this mantra to 10 people u will get "MASAL VADA FROM A ANDAN KAKKA" free..
Dont neglect, it works.

One more..

Thanjaavooru Mannu eduthu,
Thamirabarani thanniya vittu
Serthu Serthu Senjadhu Unga Cellu...
Adhu cellu illa cellu illa, Sengallu !

Funny forwards make me laugh, when i am tired by attending long hour meetings

Gramaththu 'Batcha'?

Shooting of Thirupathi going to start from Dec 1, where director Perarasu hardly in the need of hat-trick, having the success of 'Thirupatchi' and 'Sivakasi' in his pockets.
Meanwhile both Godfather and Paramasivan get ready for Pongal release and it is not decided which should release first.
'Thala' Ajith needs a blockbuster to make his career graph to move up after a long time. And we know he reduced his weight and looking charm now-a-days.
Bharadwaj is doing music for Thirupathi and already two songs are composed and recorded. And the ‘Tirupathi vantha thiruppam theeppori pole…’ song is already the talk of the town. The film will be about a person who erupts like a valcano on seeing any evil in the society with the sentimental touch of Friendship. Perarasu told that it would be a story of two friends one among them is a Muslim, remembering his childhood friend.

Then will it have a baseline of 'Batcha'?

Monday, November 28, 2005

Sivaji Parak... Parak...

Expected grand mela of 'Sivaji' Pooja happened in silence. It happened yesterday at new Pillayar Kovil in AVM Studio. Only the crew of the flim was present there. Everybody arrived AVM having a thot that there was some discussion. But with surprise it was a pooja.

Technical Crew of Sivaji

Hero : 'Thalaivar' Rajni

Heroine : Shreya

Lyrics : Vairamuthu

Music : 'Isaipuyal' AR Rehman

Camera : KV Ananth

Art : 'PadmaSree' Thottatharani

Dance : Raju Sundaram

Dialogue : Sujatha

Direction : 'Gentleman' Shankar

Production : AVM Saravanan & MS Guhan for AVM

After 'Veera', Vivek going to give company for thalaivar in comedy. Wishing the team to give a great masala film, where we are expecting our thalaivaar in a different style and getup.

Kalakunga Thalaivaaaaaa......

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thavamai Thavamirunthu..Neenda naalai

what happened to Cheran and his new film Thavamai Thavamirunthu. It was announced that the film would hit screen on Diwali. But due to some financial crisis, which is calamity for flim delaying the release further. Now Cheran has announced that the film will be screened on December 1. Will it be?

Moreover, TT is a lengthy film of 3 hours and 42 minutes with two intervals. While a normal Tamil film running time is not more than 2 hours and 30 minutes, the trade feels that the theatres will have to cut one show from the regular four shows, which again means loss of revenue.

Cheran, maker of decent flims from the Bharathi Kannamma, sweeps the heart and box office in early of 2005 as senthil in his Autograph. This time, it involves his relationship with his father. Cheran plays the lead. Director Bala heaped praises on director Cheran after watching a special premiere of the latter’s Thavamai Thavamirunthu. All are eagerly waiting to see the flim..

'Thavamai Thavamirunthu' kathirukkirom padam parkka..

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hit Cheeyan, Missed Sanjay Ramasamy

Tamil cinema, always makes a record and have a battle between starred movies. Both Anniyan and Ghajini were completed their 50 days in Chennai's hot and prestigious Sathyam theatre (1266 seats)
When compared the collections between Anniyan and Ghajini, Anniyan has collection of Rs. 9.6 lakhs more than Ghajini.
Net collection ‘Anniyan’ -50 days- at Sathyam theatre Rs 1,12,92,312
Net collection ‘Ghajini’ -50 days- at Sathyam theatre Rs 1,03,32,917
Anniyan has recorded the highest 50 days collection for a Tamil film from a single screen in the world!
Now Overjoyed Cheeyan Vikram says,

“Thanks for the great news! Feels wonderful to be a part of history being made.I think this record perfectly justifies the amount of love and labour that went into Anniyan. I am eternally grateful to Shanker and our team for being instrumental in my realising this dream to make magic on screen! I am also thankful to the people who flocked to Satyam theatre to create history".

Anniyan Vendruttar!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nanban in London

Mele padathil erupavarai neengal London veethikalil ippozhuthu parkalam.
Evar en nanban Krishnakumar.

Vayathu 27.
Ma niram.
Indiya Uyaram.
Chennaiyilirunthu kilambumbothu pachai, manjal vannathil kodu potta sattai anithiruppar.
Aluval velaiyaga London chendrullan.
Mela padathil erupavarai neengal London veethikalil ippozhuthu parkalam.

Nanbanaga illamal satru veliyil erunthu evarai patri solla vendumanal , angila varthai ondru undu. Altruism endra soll chala porunthum.
Nanbanaga irunthu sollavendumanal nalla nanban :-))

Ellathukkum ilakknam sonna valluvar, en nanbanai patri enna solrar nu parthal...

Naguthar Porut-Dandru Naddal Miguthi-Kann
Mersendru Edithar Porutdu (nandri to Thiruvalluvar)

noorula oru varthai pakkava sollittaru..namma kurumuni..

Mela padathil erupavarai neengal London veethikalil ippozhuthu parkalam.
Evar en nanban Krishnakumar.
Vayathu 27.
Ma niram.
Indiya Uyaram.
Chennaiyilirunthu kilambumbothu pachai, manjal vannathil kodu potta sattai anithiruppar.
(nitchayam eppo vera dress la eruppar)
Aluval velaiyaga London chendrullan.
Mela padathil erupavarai neengal London veethikalil ippozhuthu parkalam.

velai velai nu ella neramum comapnikkaga uzhaithalum konjam unnai paththukko..
Moonu velai nalla sappidu..
nalla thoongi rest edu..
inga vantha pinnadu thinamum jagging odinen Londonla nu mattum sollidatha :-))

ethu mathiri ennum pala naatla, oorla nee kalpathikka,
nalla uzhaiththu paer edukka...

Vazhthukkal Maple!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Ganguly - Present hero of forward mails..This one is the top of all.

Manager : " Thala, thala, test match'layum ungalukku idam illannu sollittaru antha chappel ... "
Gang : " Yenakku rivitu adikkirathey chappel'ukku velaya poyiduchu...Innaikku board meetingla mudivu panrenda ... Intha ganuly'a antha chappela'nu...Yeduda bat'a, maattuda helmet'a "

[ Gang and his troup is on the way to board meeting ]
Public : " Ayyayo... ganguly bat'a yeduthutu kelambi tarey.. Innaikku yethana six adika poraro theriyalaye !!!!!!! "

[ Before entering into the meeting hall, he put the bat horizontaly on the floor and starts to speak ]
Gang : " Intha bat'a thaandi neengalum vara kodaathu... naanum vara matten... paetchu.. paetcha than irukkanum... Yenakku test match'la kaltha koduthavan yevan ? "

Chap : " Come here and plz speak louder "

Gang : " Naan anga vara maten.. yennoda mgr varuvan .. avan kitta solli vidu.... "

Mgr : " sari.. thala... Yaarudaa yenga thalaya oram kattinathu "

Gang : " Hai, greg, nee oru nalla cricketera iruntha, yenakku oru BOUNCER podu parpom"

[ Chappel bowled at gang @ 200km per hour... Gang's fore finger was wounded and bat handle was broken ]
Gang : " Naan accept panren.. nee oru nalla coach'nu naan accept meet panren..

[ Now gang is surronded by the board members ]
Gang : " Ungala yellam partha yenakku paavama irukku .. ithu varaikkum yentha matchlayum naan duck adichathu illa ..."

Chap : " Pona seriesla thane yella matchlayum nee duck adicha ..."

Gang : " Athu pona seriesla... naan solrathu intha seriesla... Ippo net practice panna poren.. aanaa team'uku thirumbi ............"

Chap : " thirumbi ......... ?????? "

Gang : " vara mattenu solla vanthen...... "

Chap : " Listen ... 2007la nadaka pora yentha matchlayum un katchi kaa..thaan.. "

Gang : " Venaaam... "

Chap : " Bangalesh kooda nadakura matchla kooda nee 13th man thaan "

Gang : " Venaaam...."

Chap : " Local county matchla kooda nee.. super sub'ku yedu pudi thaan "

Gang : " valikkuthu..... "

Chap : " avalavu yen... street cricketla vilayada kooda unakku aappu thaan ..."

Gang : " Aluthuduven.... aluthuduven...."

[ Eventually gang returned to home... on the way.... ]
Public : " adengappa... ganulyoda bat handley udanchi poiduchina !!!!!!!...bowling panninavan ini teamla iruppangra... ???? "

Gang : " innumum intha ooru namala nambikittu irukaadaa .... ????ippadi osupeththi osupeththi thaan nambala duck adikka vaikirainga "

Mgr : " Athu avanga thala vithi... thala..."

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mazhaikala Siripugal

Friday, November 18, 2005


Engu pathalum Asin..Yaar pesinalum Asin.
She has stolen lakhs of hearts with his awesome performance in Ghajini.
She reveals the secret behind him about her continuous success.

Tamil fans really love me a lot. I like them all very much. It is only the support given by them that helps me perform well. It is really God’s grace that I have got the chance to pair up with leading actors in the Tamil world. I always set my view towards my role in the film. I have not thought of acting in Hindi films as of now. I aim at acting in different roles and my goal is to take an everlasting stand in the heart of every viewer

For this Diwali, two of her movies get released and doing good at box-office.
She started her career with 'Ullam Ketkume', but 'M.Kumaran S/o Mahalakshmi' got released first. She is cute and performed well in that film as 'Malabar'

Hope in Tamil Cini Industry, She started 'Asin'Orshavam....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Katrathum Petrathum

I am a regular reader of Ananda Vikatan since 1994. At that time the price of AV is Rs.3 (I hope). Now it is Rs. 10. Anyway the readers are not moved out of this. Whenever I opened the new issue, i will glance once and start to read when i have time. I will read Sujatha's Katrathum Petrathum regularly. He will touch the corners of current world and discuss about the issues also. It is enjoyable to read and get fresh and scientific news from this. He also blogging at

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Whenever there is a news of new film of superstar , you can get lot of forwards having the news of that film. I have received a forward from my friend and it has a list of Punch dialogue for 'Sivaji', the new film of Rajnikanth.

Singathe konja mudiyathe...
Sivajiya minja mudiyathe..

aalu rounda iruntha podhathu..
aatathula all roundera irukkanum...

amaidhikku babaji!!
adidhadikku sivaji!!

Thanneerai Killa Mudiyuma ?
Sivajiya vella mudiyuma?

paambe patha padaye nadungum!
indha SivaJiya pathe pambe nadungum!

phone adicha ringu
inda shivaji adicha sangu

Especially you can enjoy the last punch dialogue. It prooves the creativity of Tamil fans..

Everyday I am hearing a rumour about Sivaji and media getting more money because of publishing Rajni news.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fireworks all the way...

Vijay has once again emerged and impressed tamilians (esp. kids) after Rajni (Rajni replaced MGR in the same way). His mass image pushed his films to greater heights and earn money for everyone who were involved in his flim. One day collection from a rural based theatre on Diwali for Sivakasi is 5.76 lakhs. Then imagine about the total collections from 225 prints which has released all over the world. Vijay has a good market in Kerala, whereas Vikram has in Andhra.
After his continuous victory, he is slowly climbing towards the SUPERSTAR title which is not far away for him. He also moved his activities towards that showing he is a Rajni fan. Here Rajni is entirely different, where he didn't praise MGR, in his period.
Being an Ajith fan, I am very much disappointed of this. But I should accept the facts and factors.
Vijay concentrated on a single platform and did hardwork and reached this height, whereas Ajith had 'two-horse' journey, and is suffering now. Eagerly waiting to see him in Paramasivan. Lets see, whether he will taste the success atleast in that flim.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Return of the favor

Director SJ Surya writing his biography in Kumudam Tamil Weekly, in the name of 'Ararai Kodiyil Oruvan'. He is describing up and downs of his life in a cinitic way with 'Take','Cut','Action. For last 3 weeks, he is praising Ajithkumar , who gave a chance to direct a evergreen hit 'Vaali'. On seeing his hardwork and innovative ideas, Ajith impressed and gave a chance to Surya. SJ Suray worked as a Assistant director in Aasai and Ullasam.
After a continuos flop, Ajith got a chance in working with a veteran director P Vasu in Paramasivan and mega bannner AVM's Thirupathi where Masala Maker 'Perarasu' as director. He got this new chances after Producer Roja Combines Khajamoideen complaints about Ajith in media.
Ajith gave a bike once Surya booked with NIc Arts and a new Maaruthi Santro, after seeing the first copy of Vaali.
Will SJ Surya direct a flim for Ajith? It may be a 'Nandrikadan', where Ajith needs a success now.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Melody Mannan K J Y

I was hearing 'Iniya Iravu' (10 - 11PM) in Suriyan FM. I had a chance to hear song collections of KJY. It's enjoyable. I forgot to sleep and keep hearing the songs of him. Every song is marvellous. Make mind relax at that peaceful night, where rain also lullabize me along him.

Some of classical collections inspired me very much

1. Eeramana Rojave from Ilamai Kalangal
2. Poove Semboove from Solla thudikkuthu manasu
3. Enthan Nenjil from Kalaignan
4. All songs from Chinthubairavi
5. Pachchai Kiligal from Indian's tough to list his milestones

you can enjoy his 'Thanni thotti thedi vantha' in Chinthubairavi..Whenever I want to hear his song, I am also like that..'Thanni thotti thedi vantha kannukutti naan'

The worrisome part is, you can hear K J Yesudass in and around Guruvayur Krishna temple. Still today, he is not allowed to enter into that premises. His voice reaching god, but he is not.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Changing my Views

Writing only technical things in blog, boring me. So just looking around all the sides of me, i hope in future you can expect any things in blog. Changing my mind like this, will not ensure that it will contain non-technical only. It will have both tech and non-techy items like reviews, incident breathing etc.,

Monday, September 12, 2005

101 samples for Visual Studio 2005

Check out the recent update on Visual Studio 2005 Developer Center listing
the 101 Samples for Visual Studio 2005! Here you can find lot of examples
on C# & VB 2005 for Base Class Libraries, Data Access, Web Development, &
Windows Forms!
It states that you can download all 101 samples, but you will notice a
"Coming Soon" section at the bottom of the page stating that the remaining
51 samples are on its way. Still we have plenty to explore early :)
You can also find similar samples on Microsoft Download Center
Note: These samples have been written and tested with Visual Studio 2005 -
Beta 2!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

ASP.NET 2.0 Conversion Issues and Solutions

There may be issues if you are going to convert your existing web application from 1.x to 2.0
You can get more information all this at Microsoft Article

Always there will be some issues when converting things from one version to another. Do you think this will be in Microsoft Products only? My answer is No.

How..Just click here and check it.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Tiger is on the way...

Java has released its next version in the name of "Tiger". In J2SE 5.0, Sun has introduced several enhancements as well as new language features that ease the development of Java applications. This major release is focused along certain key themes, such as quality, monitoring and manageability, performance and scalability, and ease of development.

Tiger, Tiger burning bright
Like a geek who works all night
What new-fangled bit or byte
Could ease the hacker's weary plight?

You can have a look about release notes J2SE 5.0

And also you can have look about features of J2SE 5.0

Friday, August 26, 2005

Windows Vista

Microsoft announced recently that the official name for Longhorn will be Windows Vista. The tag line for Windows Vista is Clear, Confident and Connected. Read more at Microsoft Windows Vista

Web Farms and View State Problem

When deploying a web application from one server to another you may come acroos this error... System.Web.HttpException

Encryption of data storage in viewstate will be based on server's MAC Address..We can avoid this error by setting enableViewStateMac to false.

Using enableViewStateMac requires that successive requests be forwarded to the same server (i.e. server affinity). This feature is used to help prevent tampering of a page's view state; however, it does so based on an auto-generated validation key on the current server. From this key, a message authentication code (MAC) is generated and sent in the ViewState back to the browser. The problem is that if a POST back is performed and goes to a different server, you will get a nice little error message saying “Corrupt View State“.

To fix this, you can either set enableViewStateMac to false in the element or specify a common value for the validationKey attribute in the element across all servers (in the farm).

By the way, documentation says that this is OFF by default. That is incorrect! Go check machine.config!

Visit Page Section for more details.

And also MSDN Mag Cutting Edge for more details.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google's Next ->>>

Google is on its own fire..and kicking off many new options for web users..
Already they have initiated GMAIL and they are happy with overwhelming response from the users (Currently they are allocating mailbox size based on usage and now its nearby 3GB for me)
Now they came up with Google chat.. You can download and have more idea on this by clicking the link

Hope now everbody has GMAIL account and enjoying their services..Lets try out this messenger (they named it as Google TALK) and share your views here

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Increase concurrent connection limit in IIS

Increase the 10 concurrent connection limitAre you getting 403.9 "Access Forbidden: Too many users are connected" errors on an XP Pro website? You're limited by default to 10 concurrent connections by design, but this can be increased. First, make sure your default windows script host is set to the console (cscript.exe) one.

cscript //h:cscript

Next, let's increase the connection limit to 40.

C:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\adsutil set w3svc/MaxConnections 40

Note that this is a hard-coded limit; it can't be increased any further unless you like patching windows system files. You can, however, make the IIS connection timeout more aggressive so connections don't last as long.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

cure VSNet Intellisense, if stops

The cure for when VSNet Intellisense stops working .NET
Mark Levison has found a good way to fix those aggrevating times when VSNet's Intellisense just suddenly decides to stop working...
The cure:
· Close VS .NET
· Delete the .ncb file (in the same directory as the solution) - it contains the data used for intellisense
· Delete all the output files (dll's, exe's)
· Delete all the obj directory - I think this is the real problem
· Rebuild all and test to see that intellisense now works.
· Go make a cup of tea and relax.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rules to have URL

I had a chance to read an article on URL Rewriting in ASP.NET at There I find a link which explains about the good ways/rules to formulate a URL. Hope you will also find as useful one.