Friday, December 30, 2005

Laila Ponnukku Kannalam


This name may be more popular than what it is now, if she acted in VIP instead of Simran, in which she was booked initially. But the things changed because of gossips made on her about extracting more money from producer by staying in five star hotel, even before having a shooting of single frame. Ok..Forget all that.

Now she going to marry a Mumbai-based businessman on Jan-6. I have a doubt now also, that how these heroines going as a life partner to a businessman always. She acted in very few than expected, but did good jobs in Nanda, Ullam Ketkume, PithaMagan, Kanda Naal Muthal and Innum en manakanakil varatha sila padangal. In between there was a gossip that director Bala going to marry Laila. That came to end, once Bala tied a knot for a Madurai girl.

Anyway, nobody going to miss Laila, like Simran. Whenver I thought Laila, her cheek with small
hollow will come to my mind.

Congrats Laila...

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Anonymous said...

I think so too! But is it realy true.