Friday, December 02, 2005

BAZZ - Today's Boss

[Chepauk Stadium on December 2, 2005. Picture Courtesy : The Hindu]

It seems that Rain Goddess always wants to watch the match played by India. So that it always comes to Chepauk MA Chidambaram stadium, Chennai, whenever there is a match. Still yesterday, it was cloudy. But today morning, it started pouring in Chennai. Chennai enjoying(?) continuous rainfall for the past 5 hours. The result First day of First Test match between India and Srilanka getting abondoned. Now rain is a baddie character for Cricket fans and they are throwing words malevolently against rain, thinking as if Nambiar has comes between MGR and JJ.

Already there is a case in HC against Cricket Association, in paying back of money collected for third ODI between South Africa and India. Some organisations pasted posters in the city buses asking to return Money or to give that as a flood relief fund.

Yesterday, fans were stayed for long hour in queue to get their tickets for the Test match. Will the Bazz (new name of present storm) allow it to happen?

When I heard an Ironic statement("After release of the film 'Mazhai' only, Chennai is getting this heavy rain.") by a stranger while walking in a road-side platform, I was smiled and thought about the life of tamilians and cinema.

Still something is there to be washed out in our minds...

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Merls said...

Hmmm...It has turned Chennai into a sea....and the houses looked like millions of island in the sea...Bazz is really the BOSS which has turned a metropoliton city to a sea which was witnessed by the chennai-islanders...