Monday, December 12, 2005

Happy Bday Cheran..

Today is a birthday of another man from cini world..Mr.Cheran..who paves a new route for Tamil Cinema..and occupies a different pinnacle.

I really get impressed after seeing his interview with sify and the way he answered for the question about the length of the movie.

Don’t you think that TT was a bit lengthy for the audience?
If people can watch a one-day cricket match patiently without missing a single ball for nearly 8 hours why not my film? It is only 3 hours and 22 minutes!

Happy Bday Cheran...

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I would've watched the movie, even if it was another hour extra, provided it did not add some exaggerated elements.

So Dec 12th is Cheran's b'day too ? So Ramalingam character in TT's birthday is Cheran's actual?



didnt know this! no mention anywhere about yesterday being his bday.


You are rite ranga. But only birthday is same for cheran and TT's Ramalingam Character..

I even didn't know this. I came to know from Blade No.1 in SUN Music and FMs like Suriyan/Radi Mirchi.