Friday, December 09, 2005

Reviews on Magazine

I always have trust on content quality of Ananda Vikatan (AV) and their film review. I know most of the people also have same opinion on AV. You might see lot of the film posters having the marks of AV in that. Up to my knowledge, still Nayagan and Mahanadhi stay on top with 60 out of 100. After a very long period Cheran's recent product Thavamai Thavamirunthu owns good review with 53. (Autograph is 48) I have faith on AV's film review, which will explains each and every technical thing of the film. Many people decide to go to film after seeing its review.

Meanwhile, Kumudam also gave 4.7 out of 5 for TT. I always wonder about the reviews of Kumudam. I am unable to come for some conclusion that whether they are reviewing the film based on Quality or on commercial. They rated latest movies under two topics such as Box office Top 5 and Kumudam Top 5. According to sify, Kandal Naal mudhal is in top of all the films in box-office for last week which is not appearing in Kumudam box office top 5.

But the views on films will be different from people to people and always AV and Kumudam will be at two ends. Eventhough, TT got high ratings among all with their quality and content, don’t know whether make profit at box office.

After trimming the film by 12 minutes, to give a relief to theatres, we have to wait for another one week, to see whether these ratings do magic at box-office.

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