Monday, December 05, 2005

Thavamai Thavamirunthu

Thanks to Cheran for giving an opportunity to have a view of our childhood days and the parental care. The flim is a bio-graphy of a father by a son, while the father counting his days in hospital bed.

The film is about Muthiah (Raj Kiran) , his wife Sarada (Saranya) and his two sons. Elder son is Radio Mirchi RJ Senthil in the name of Ramanathan and Cheran lived as Ramalingam. Muthiah is the owner of a printing press and by his hardwork and by getting loans, he giving a good education to his children. He wanted to make his sons to be in a good positions. And Ramanathan joins in Polytechnic and Ramalingam joins Engineering.

After getting marriage with Latha (Meena), Ramanathan moved to led a city life, because of Latha, who is not adjusting with Muthaih and Saradha. Meanwhile, Cheran falls love with Vasanthi (Padmapriya). Situations make Vasanthi to pregnant by Ramalingam (Here I have to appreciate Cheran, where he captured this without a single bit of Vulgarity. Imagine if Some others (Selvaraghavan, Balumahendra) has directed the same.. ) and they are pushed to go Chennai to marry. There they get a girl baby. By realizing their mistakes, they return to Village to led a life with their parents. Ramalingam taking care of his parents till their last minute and give them a peaceful life with great enjoyment.

Everybody will get drop of tears, when Rajkiran come to Chennai to see and to give money to Ramalingam. Film starts with black and white screen and all present tense will be in black and white whereas past are in colour (like HeyRam). Rajkiran did a great performance and his fabulous acting will make us to realize many things in our life. He dominated the whole film and where he is the hero of the flim by story itself. Saranya also did a lifetime character which is not easy to get these type of roles. She handles it really well. Cheran as director got all the emotions from actors very well as per his expectations. Even the new comers Radio Mirchi RJ Senthil and Meena done their job very well. Padmapriya got a good opening in Tamil cinema.

Music is by Sabesh-Murali. Their creative background is good support for the film and the songs 'ore oru orrile', 'unnai saranadathen' are on top. In audio, you may hear a song 'Ola' which is very native to Madurai (Oppari kina song) is not present in the flim.

The drawback of the flim is its length. We can't say it is slow, because cheran need the expressions and emotions to be realistic. No wonder Cheran calls it a novel on screen it really u a feeling of turning the pages in a good novel.

Really a very good movie and everybody should see the flim and should take care of their parents. But it will be nice if you watch this with your parents.
Cheran by his bold and realistic way, has directed a good life in big screen, without compromising anything. Every bit of a film is an emotion. But don't know whether the people will sit for a long time. If they sit, then the flim will be success in box-office also. Then only we can expect good film in tamil cinema.

Congrats Cheran

Thavamai Thavamirunthu - Varam