Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cinema-vum Thamizha-num

After seeing yesterday post of bbthots, I was in hurry to send answers. My friends named me in different names as Another film news Ananthan, Cine Database, etc. First time I want to test that. So I had answered all the questions in the time span of 5 minutes and send the answers to balaji. I am eagerly waiting for the results like a Higher secondary waiting to see his results.

Actually these type quizzes are funny and will brush-up our memory power. Hope balaji got a lot of responses for this through mail.

Whenever I saw a film, I will see it from the title card by watching the name of each and every technician. That habit started from my UG where my friend also like me. We watched atleast 5 movies a week, some films may be repeated. Couple of times, we went for continuous shows. Now it get minimized because of the work I am doing and the cost of tickets at the theatre, in Chennai. But I will never see the films, through pirated CDs, eventhough I met lot of chances for that.
In my village, I wondered by seeing many of my friends/people, criticizing the film with their story, screenplay and technical aspects. Every Thamizhan is linked with some movie or hero and he worshiped that hero without any limitations. We cannot pull them away from cinema.

Whatever may be the thoughts or ideas, please see the film in theatre. Avoid seeing the film through pirated CDs. It is equal to the credit somebody getting from the work you are doing. Will you accept that?

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