Monday, December 19, 2005

Kaneer Anjali

Maatham mummaari pozhinthathu pOei eppOvellam
Thingal oru murai tharisanam tharukirathu Chennaiyil..

Chennayil ithu Mazhaikalam..Vazhum
Makkalukko ithu poratha kalam.....

The stampede for relief funds which got 42 people killedwas the most terrific one, hits Tamilnadu now. Is it because of the Government inability in controlling people or people inorderness in getting the money. Whatever may be the reason it happened andtoday 42 families are suffering by the loss its member.My deep conslation to the family and atleast Tamilnadu should learnthings from these incidents. Government staff should take correct precautionary steps to avoid these things in future.

If they could learn lessons from the Visayarpadi incident(same kinda thing happened before 40 days), they will avoid this.

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