Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kanda Naal Mudhal

I can honestly declare that Yuvan made the flim watchable with his remarkable songs and pleasing background throughout the film. The movie which is a musical hit before the release, will always do good business most of the time. You want to watch a entertainment movie, you can step-in to the theatre, where KNM is screened.

Always I have a good opinion about Prakashraj and the way he selected the movie as a producer. Full of entertainment without a single over-masaal-ed item like item number, double enterndre, hyped stunts, low-taste sleaze etc.. For me, Azhagiya Theeye is very good than KNM, eventhough first one was bad at Box-office.

The flim is a narration of two - obviously hero prasanna and Heroine Laila, and how they get into heart-touch life. The third person Karthik is also there. So you can expect traingular love..but in some different dress. It is a debut of Priya V as a director after well-shaped by Maniratnam..She did each and every frame in a touchy manner, where you can enjoy the flow of movie, without any jerks. The picturisation of songs are very nice and that shows who is her teacher...

Prasanna..After Azhagiya theeye..he perfomed very well here, where he used the opportunity well as a actor. The way he expressed his feelings in climax and some scenes before that is really good. Prakashraj found a low-budget actor, who will also do good at screen.

Laila..After a lovely and screaming performance in Ullam Ketkume and Pithamagan, she steals the show in KNM. She came and occupied our heart with his remarkable, well-defined action. But I am missing something in her, when compared to a lifetime action in Nanda. (Her acts in Pun paniya song is still in my eye)

Karthik..As a american-trendy lover boy, expresses his feeling very well..but less scope for acting..

As a cameraman, PC.Sreeram did some blacky, darkened shots, which is his trend-set touch. I thought he is still in 90's where he has to bring some new ideas to film, instead repeating the same manner.

Another thing is its dialogue(E.Ramadoss), which is very good in some places. This make the movie to go with smooth flow.

Instead of watch some usual trend cinemas like Sivakasi, this will be a good one to see and spend time, which willl not put any violence, sexy thoughts in our mind.

The film has nothing to teach, nothing to bore, nothing to embarrass you. But you can sit comfortable in your seats.

Kanda Naal muthal..becomes a hit movie on padalgalai Ketta Naal Muthal..

Kandal Naal Muthal..Thendral

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