Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Nooravaathu Naal..Is it Real?

Surya starrer Aaru is going to be released on Dec 9. This flim going to remove and replace Sivakasi in most of the theatres in Chennai and State. Now Vijay and his father S.A. Chandrasekar asked the theatre owners to retain and continue sivakasi atleast for 50 days. On Dec 8, Sivakasi completing its 38th day. It happened to Ghajini when it was replaced by Sivakasi, on its 39th day Even the theatres, which going to release Aaru, have Vijay's Aadhi in their hands to be release on Pongal, which again 35th day of Aaru.Theatre owners are explaining that they are getting collections only from first 20-25 days. After that the flim is running only on compulsion of stars.

Still I have doubt about Vijay's Sachien which completes its 200th day in Chennai (One theatre, One show). It seems it was happened because of its hero. When I saw the 100th day poster of Sibiraj's Jore, I was totally collapsed and got smiles.I came to conclusion that I shouldn't go to films only on seeing the posters showing the number of days with highlight.

When I was in my hometown, some people said that if the film run for 100 days in Madurai, then it will be super hit. Don't consider Chennai for this, where it would be running because of the hero/producer.

Is the number of days going to be a rank for the heroes?

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