Thursday, December 29, 2005

Adieu 2005

It is the time to give a walk backwards onto the roots of 2005.
What is special in this year and what sort of incidents I come across...

I had visited Vadapalani Murugan Temple veryless in this year, when compared to 2003 and 2004.In my Chennai life, it is the place I have visited more times than anyother.Initially I tried to go fortnightly and then it came to montly. Now It drags to bi-monthly.Going to Vadapalani, give me a peace-thoughtful moments, I forgot my life, my wealth when I see the Murugan. I love Muruga..from my childhodd days. When I was in my home I usually visit Palani atleast once in a year..and most of the time my hairs were devoted to Thandayuthapani. My weekend plan is going to Vadapalani Temple this saturday.

Another acheivement (on 12-Jul) is my 'Bike Kanavu'. Before buying my Hero Honda splendor plus, I had a thought to book Bajaj's discover (I omitted Pulsar from my list, by seeing its weight and height). But evrybody, When I asked whats to buy, suggested to buy splendor. At that time I able to justify the question arise in mind about the number of splendor in Chennai.. It's black (is black horses there) with blue wings. I liked it very much. But after this continuous rain, it covered with lot of dust and manage, by clearing the dust nearby my seat. I have to wash my bike in this weekend.

Change of my work place. I would call it like that only. Now I am in Tidel, with comfortness in Job at TCS. This was my College Days Dream to get into TCS.BUt didn't have single chance right from there. When I had, God makes all things right and Now I am here. I am also trying to make my company to climb to Top 10.

It is a black year for me as film-goer. I saw very few number of released movies and not able to see more because of my resolution of not-seeing-movie-on-pirated-VCD. Eventhough, went to all the films, which are listed in Top 10 in both the category (BO and quality) of movies. Chandramukhi, Anniyan, Ghajini, Arinthum Ariyamalum, Ji (First day, Second show as Rasigan), Thavamai Thavamirunthu, Ayya, Ullam Ketkume,London, Aei, and A Aa. In UG at Madurai, I spent most of the time to see all Tamil movies, Even twice at some time, with my friend Manikandan. I really missed that times truely.

And Everyyear, My friends list getting added and some pages of that book is remaining there, without touching for a quite long time. Eventhough the list is becoming big and it's tough to manage time for all, it becoming quite voluminous. Everytime I get scolded from somebody not putting a call to them. Eventhough I love to have many as friends and having them throughtout
my life.

This year my heart-near friends flied to various lands and digging there to bag dollar/pounds
to India. Some are Krishnakumar, Senthilkumar, Kubendran, Devi, Pradee, Gayathri and still more. When we had our campus interview at our college, everything was a dream..Even entering into a doorsteps of a high-profile company. Now we are positioned to go onsite, from the same company. Inspite of staying and sticking there with greencard, life of 1-4 years will be enough. It's purely upto the person. That is my own thought.

As all know, the list very long..Will write more, if have time.

Good Bye 2005 varudamE!!

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venkatesh said...

ennamo poda karthi. Overa feel panre...


good buddy... keep up the good work