Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hit Cheeyan, Missed Sanjay Ramasamy

Tamil cinema, always makes a record and have a battle between starred movies. Both Anniyan and Ghajini were completed their 50 days in Chennai's hot and prestigious Sathyam theatre (1266 seats)
When compared the collections between Anniyan and Ghajini, Anniyan has collection of Rs. 9.6 lakhs more than Ghajini.
Net collection ‘Anniyan’ -50 days- at Sathyam theatre Rs 1,12,92,312
Net collection ‘Ghajini’ -50 days- at Sathyam theatre Rs 1,03,32,917
Anniyan has recorded the highest 50 days collection for a Tamil film from a single screen in the world!
Now Overjoyed Cheeyan Vikram says,

“Thanks for the great news! Feels wonderful to be a part of history being made.I think this record perfectly justifies the amount of love and labour that went into Anniyan. I am eternally grateful to Shanker and our team for being instrumental in my realising this dream to make magic on screen! I am also thankful to the people who flocked to Satyam theatre to create history".

Anniyan Vendruttar!!

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