Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Return of the favor

Director SJ Surya writing his biography in Kumudam Tamil Weekly, in the name of 'Ararai Kodiyil Oruvan'. He is describing up and downs of his life in a cinitic way with 'Take','Cut','Action. For last 3 weeks, he is praising Ajithkumar , who gave a chance to direct a evergreen hit 'Vaali'. On seeing his hardwork and innovative ideas, Ajith impressed and gave a chance to Surya. SJ Suray worked as a Assistant director in Aasai and Ullasam.
After a continuos flop, Ajith got a chance in working with a veteran director P Vasu in Paramasivan and mega bannner AVM's Thirupathi where Masala Maker 'Perarasu' as director. He got this new chances after Producer Roja Combines Khajamoideen complaints about Ajith in media.
Ajith gave a bike once Surya booked with NIc Arts and a new Maaruthi Santro, after seeing the first copy of Vaali.
Will SJ Surya direct a flim for Ajith? It may be a 'Nandrikadan', where Ajith needs a success now.

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