Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gramaththu 'Batcha'?

Shooting of Thirupathi going to start from Dec 1, where director Perarasu hardly in the need of hat-trick, having the success of 'Thirupatchi' and 'Sivakasi' in his pockets.
Meanwhile both Godfather and Paramasivan get ready for Pongal release and it is not decided which should release first.
'Thala' Ajith needs a blockbuster to make his career graph to move up after a long time. And we know he reduced his weight and looking charm now-a-days.
Bharadwaj is doing music for Thirupathi and already two songs are composed and recorded. And the ‘Tirupathi vantha thiruppam theeppori pole…’ song is already the talk of the town. The film will be about a person who erupts like a valcano on seeing any evil in the society with the sentimental touch of Friendship. Perarasu told that it would be a story of two friends one among them is a Muslim, remembering his childhood friend.

Then will it have a baseline of 'Batcha'?

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As far as I know Ajith's name shud be Thirupathi... So the friend guy must be the muslim... Ajith has already made a film like Baashaa (Jana) which was a excellent flop in his career.So it seems he does'nt learn from his mistakes.


But the way of narration is different from movie to movie. Letz see the output