Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Andan kakka konda kaari

You may received a lot of mails and SMS with relegious touch, asking you to forward a message to morethan 10 members to make your wishes fruitful. Yesterday I had received a SMS from my childhood friend Wilson and it was different and nice to read..

Andan kakka konda kaari..!
Send this mantra to 10 people u will get "MASAL VADA FROM A ANDAN KAKKA" free..
Dont neglect, it works.

One more..

Thanjaavooru Mannu eduthu,
Thamirabarani thanniya vittu
Serthu Serthu Senjadhu Unga Cellu...
Adhu cellu illa cellu illa, Sengallu !

Funny forwards make me laugh, when i am tired by attending long hour meetings

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Anonymous said...

I think so too! But is it realy true.