Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aathi Movie Review

Onceagain a film released having Vijay as mass-hero to push their trades very high. But the movie can have a good opening and it's a question, whether it will get a repeat audience like Thirupatchi. Everybody alarming about the story and characterization of Vijay, which very stereotype, in his every film, Aathi having the same now. Will it make sense to see a hero doing a samething in every film without any differnce. With this in mind, I am going to review the pongal release Aathi.

It's a story of betrayal or retaliation, for killing hero's family..and one different is, the heroine is also belongs to the same she also had taken weapon to kill the villan. The story is not different, which is very common, ancient formula in 70s. But director Ramana able to manage with his screenplay, with some punch dialogues.

In vijay films, Songs will be catchy which will make people to move to theatres. But now in Aathi, Vidayasagar failed to make hits, which fails to promote the film very well. The film is full of blood and gore..and is violence unlimited. You can see a oodles of killings in the movie, including the interval killing of villan's right-hand, by chopping his head with long sword, while flying in the air.

The only acceptable and viewable part of the film is Vijay in songs. He is looking beauty with colored hair and Peterhein's Stunt choreographs. The love between trisha and vijay is not well framed and it is there only in songs. Always I admired with the dialog delivery of Vijay. And this film too, have such scenes. The introduction scenes of both hero and heroine is catchy and esp heroine introduction and the way it is captured by Soundararajan is too different..Trisha (looking cute as angel) in white churidhar, with white pigeon in hand on white bench, killing devan is different idea.

Like paramasivan, Vivek is not doing well in this action packed film. Again he failed to create impression. It's not acceptable of doing ads (a ice cream..) in between the film..and it's a copy of Mazhai film, when the vijay and trisha seeing both in a song, having icecream and enjoyed in the's too dramatic scene..Saikumar did the villan role..but no difference..same ordinary screeching villan...

The film screened with having a mass hero in their hand. It may be action unlimited film for vijay fans, but they may have tired of seeing the same for last 2 years and continuously two-and-half in their seats.

Onceagain Vijay slipped down in his home production again. No other films of his home production was a hit to him.

Aathi - Unlimited Kolaigal

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