Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Varuthappa ThErthal

Entire tamilnadu is now speaking about general assembly elections and the moves taken by both DMK and ADMK. DMK and ADMK are taking crucial and sanakiya moves to become power. Both have their channels and media to spread the news favour of them. But it may irritate the people. And Now-a-days I am seeing both Jaya and SUN news and coming to conclusion that we have to see both the side of coins.

When compared to 91-96, JJ is doing pretty well and she improved the size of ADMK vote bank gradually (from 30.6% to 33%). But some of her moves where not fine including Sankaraachraya 's arrest and Vaiko's poda arrest. But these things got faded from peoples memory, because these happened long back. But she have good things before her, to start campaign. Anyway, she have her speech which will mesmerise the people, without caring about truth of the message delivered. But the same thing goes wrong in last Lokshaba elections, where she made controversial statement over Sonia and KK. JJ tried to withdraw Uzhavar Santhai and Mini Bus facilites which gave some bad name when she came to regime initially.

On DMK side, they have tough competition over ADMK, where they have power in hand. JJ can do anything to regain her power. But having 7 parties in hand they can get good amount of seats. But dividing the seats among these parties will be great and crucial job for KK, whereas there is a chance of quitting from this union. Vaiko did the samething on 2001.

On other side, Vijaykanth also there, to split the votes. But the chance of stirring or changing the results would not be in Captain's hand, this time. Actor Karthik also try to get more seats for his forward-block party.

There is big question for BJP, where they are not in local news for long time. They may join with ADMK (once again) or with Vijaykanth.

Latest rumoured-news were there on Vaiko that he had quitted the DMK alliance. But vaiko explained that he will not quit and it was raised and spread by Tamilnadu CBCID and POlice.

So newspapers have lot of snacks for forthcoming months. We too ready to see, who going to capture the regime..

Anyway it will be JJ or KK only.

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Anonymous said...

Please don't flame me for this, but I have started a new blog that will cover the TN elections. There will not be any monetary reward for me doing this. Just for fun and keeping tamilians all over the world updated. Thanks.