Friday, March 17, 2006

Tirupathi Songs - Short review

Tirupathi songs are not like any ajith films. It's entirely different with kuththu songs. It's perarasu who will have only kuththu songs in his films. I still remember the remarkable touch
of ARR in godfather and my vote is for godfather than Tirupathi.

The first song Tirupathi Vantha is an usual opening song of Perarasu films, where it is slightly different for ajith from vijay, where there the songs will be for his fans. Here it is general thathuva song. And moreover the song is similar to Rajni-AVM's Pothuvaga emmanasu Thangam.

I didn't expect the songs, in which they are made. But Ajith also need some victory from his
film more than of Paramasivan.

As usual, like Tirupatchi, Sivakasi, Songs will be on top of the charts already with its fast beat.

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Anonymous said...

Songa maha mattam.........

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