Monday, April 10, 2006

Chandramukhi - 365

Tomorrow is Chadramukhi's 365th day at Chennai, Shanthi Theatre (one show per day after 150 days). Already they had celebrated this milestone. I accept Chandramukhi have all capability to reach 365 mark. Compared to anyother actor, Rajini has his own magic to run the movies. Eventhough lot of positives over that, I am still not able to imagine whether all the shows will have that much of viewers. And also, Shanthi theatre is owned by Sivaji family. So obviously my doubt have more strongholds.

Should rajini also need to show his power by running the movie for 365 days or Sivaji Productions wants to do like that. Who knows?

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Appadi illa Karthik. Thalaivar does not need to show the world that Chandramukhi is a great film, by making it to run for 365 days. It is just a mark of respect for the movie which has set the record for the highest collection in the history of Tamil cinema. I dont think Chandramukhi or any other movie which ran for 365 days (like Karagattakkaaran) ran with packed houses all along.


I agree Filbert. Now-a-days, it is happening thru paying money for theatres to run the movie. For example, Sachin's 200th day..Why should thalaivar follow the same way. Earlier it may be an honour. But now, the condition is different.