Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pagal Nilavu (1985)

Eventhough Maniratnam's films, dont have big collection at Box Office, his films had bagged the same in musical shops. I wonder how he is able to get such top-rated songs from the music directors, to whom he is working. Whoever working with Mani, will deliver their life-achievement-work. I hope only Illayaraja and ARR worked with him. Just we can divide his movies into two eras like with Illayaraja and with ARR.

I heard that Maniratnam was not worked as assistant for any director. He got into film industry through Pagal Nilavu (1985). Somebody said he did first film in Telugu. I am bad in that area. So starting with Kollywood. At that period the picturisation is top and even viewers looked it different. And all the songs of this movies are still occupying my heart esp. Poomalaiye with his own voice along Janaki. If you want, you can hear it here. And Maina Maina and Poovilae Medai are other notable songs.

Murali is a chella pillai for all directors on their debutant movies. One of that is Pagal Nilavu. Another movies are Kathir's Idhyam, Balu's Kalamellam Kathal vazhga and this list is very long. Revathi was pairing with Murali. Murali looks young and his black give some touch on scree. Satyaraj acted as a villan and as for, story nothing is different. But the way of telling the story is much away from others in that time. Still I have the scenes of Poomalaye Songs, which is very different in visualization.

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Mani's first film was a Kannada film starring Anil Kapoor. Yeah, he does extract the best out of the MDs and Poomalaiye song is one of those evergreen classics from the Maestro.


As filbert said, his first movie was a kannada one "Pallavi Anu Pallavi". and he made a malayalam one too.
Talking abt picturisations, i don't think any director can give better than Mani.Poomalaye was a gr8 number with an awesome picturisation.