Friday, April 21, 2006


Tirupathi is a typical AVM's traditional and Perarasu's usual formula film. It seems AVM accepted the story and screenplay because it is very much coinciding with their earlier films. Perarasu has to refine his ideas atleast in his next film. Otherwise it may be hard to watch his films with vulgarity and chauvinism in a stereotyped way. Eventhough the character is not well suited for Ajith, he able to manage with masala-mannan image from kadhal-mannan image. But he should not follow the same masala way. Soft characters are well suited for Ajith then these type of action hero image.

Tirupathi(Ajith) is a owner of Sound-service company. Soori(Riayz khan), minister's(pyramid Natarajan) son is his friend. Tirupathi is doing dirty works for him. Tirupathi's pregnant sister is died because of money-minded doctor. When Tirupathi tried to take revenge of that doctor, Soori stands up to save him. This make friends as enemy. Remaining story is about the tricks and action, tirupathi used to revenge his friend.

As usual, Perarasu introduced his cheap taste in flourishing the love between Ajith and Sada. And really there is no need for heroine in the film. Only to have duet songs, Sada is used in the movie. No opportunity was given to Sada, to act. But she looks very cute when compared to Anniyan. In entire second half, Sada is coming only for a single song.

In this film, Perarasu comes out of personal reasons to Social angle in the concept. And also he inserted the sentimental scenes in correct place to attract the women viewers more. The screenplay is not as good as Tirupatchi, but helps for racy move. Usually, the built-up for introduction of hero is good in his movies when seeing Tirupatchi and Sivakasi. But here it is missing. When seeing Paramasivan and Tirupathi, it is sure that still Ajith should put more concentration on selecting stories, eventhough much experienced director is handling. And also, in such a heroic-masala movies, all punch lines should praise hero. Here Perarasu is prasing himself, which is because of Ajith's magnanimous, allowed that in movie. No other hero will accept this, to have in thier movies from MGR-Rajni period.

Background is not good and energetic. Songs are not catchy, which is a big minus point. Only Tirupathi vantha song is hot. As I assumed earlier, it is not like batcha, but combination of Annamali and Padikkathavan. When compared to lazy first half, second able to manage to impress, excluding the dragged climax.

Tirupathi - Perarasu-vin imalaya sarukkal

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So, neyum rembo vela ellama than office la okandhirukka nu sollu!! LOL :D


guess Ajith is turning back to his old days when he used to give masala movies.He definitely needs to put on some more weight and concentrate on a good story, if he still wants to be in the race.Eagerly waiting for the Ajith of "Vaali","Mugavari","Amarkalam"(3of his finest movies). "Aasai" too was a gud one, but Prakash Raj stole the show

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the movie is already turning out to be one of hte biggest Box-office disasters ...........


Its a good thing that this movie is turning out to be a disaster. Directors like Perarasu should be cleaned up from the Tamil film industry.