Friday, April 07, 2006

Media War

Dinakaran and Kungumam increased thier issues when compared to their previous years. Repeated advertisement helps them to achieve this. Eventhough they are coming from SUN group, they try to maintain neutral position. But here pothujanam explains clearly about this in detail. When reading news of Dinamalar and Kumudham, I really used to see their anti-DMK news. Even the news about the joining of Bhagyaraj into DMK is not there anywhere in dinamalar. Then how can we say that dinamalar is neutral? I am reading Dinamalar for nearly 12 years. I dont see any times they behaved like this previusly? May be the increase in the number of issues of dinakaran may made dinamalar to worry. I heard that in a small town like Oddanchatram near Palani, Dinamalar and Dinathanthi, each loss nearly 1000 issues.

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I don't think any newspaper in TN can claim that it is neutral. While you are at it, read this post about media-politician nexus: