Monday, April 24, 2006

Tirupathi - Reasons

The following might be reasons for the disaster (as reported by Sify) of the recent release AVM's Tirupathi.

1. Perarasu's over-confidence
2. Bharadwaj's Songs except Tirupathi vantha Theeppori
3. Not showing (Thanks : Kaps) songs/scenes in channels.
4. Ajith's selection of stories
5. AVM's more concentration on Sivaji

Do you have more reasons?

4 பின்னூட்டங்கள்:


the only reason i can think of is Ajith's selection of movies. He is desperately luking for a hit. Guess Bala's movie shld be the break he is luking for.M sure that ll be a classic and cld bring him back.Don't forget that it was Bala who is responsible for wat Vikram or Surya are now.


Yes Prasanna. I'm expecting Naan Kadavul have a break in Ajit's career


I think, Ajit is in the state of gangooooooooly....Putting more concentartion on something won't fetch you what you wish to acheive in the first free'ya'ya vidu mamuuu

Anonymous said...

Ajith really sucks..He cant dance,he cant speak proper Tamil,Just tries to imitate vijay and vijay kanth ;0) in delivering punch dialogues(which never comes to him) hoping some luck. I think people will start to ignore him soon.