Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Puthu Jodi?

Did Simbhu married Nayanthara?

Tamil galatta says "Kerala is buzzing with rumours that Nayanthara and Little Superstar Simbhu have tied the knot secretly. The actors are working together in Vallavan. It was here that Simbhu got close to Nayanthara. They fell in love and decided to tie the knot. T.R. and wife Usha objected to Simbhu marrying an actress. Usha herself was an actress who got married to T.R. Simbhu could not understand the double standards of his parents and decided to go ahead and marry. Sources say that the couple is scheduled to visit a famous temple in Thiruvalla (Kerala) to seek the blessings of the Goddess" under the title Nayanthara-Simbhu: secret marriage?

You can read more on this here and here

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karthik, that article was blocekd at wrk place. But guess its got something to do with Vallavan


Nalla pair thaan... Nalla irukkattum... Tell me one thing is this the new technique to advertise their new movie..


Prasanna, For you I gave entire story. :-))

Your thot may be correct also. Who knows.


It was only last night that I was reading that both Simbhu & Nayanthara attended a function in Singapore as a pair. And this today?? I hope this is not true since I guess Simbhu is too young to be married. He is what 24 or 25, at most..


Simbhu-nale scene than pola


Filbert, not like that. Dhanush married on his 21st.

Rite. Simbhu always make rumours like this. Earlier with Trisha, when acted with her in Alai