Friday, May 12, 2006

Election Over

Election fever is over. And now I am going to 'watch' the free color TV and eagerly wait to 'eat' Rice @ Rs.2. Will it happen? I hope this time Karunanidhi will do better than his previous reign to give way for his son Stalin. Ama.. What about Vaiko,Sarathkumar and Visu.

And also Vijayakanth emerged as a third biggest party in Tamilnadu and he achieved within 8 months. But he has to keep this till the next election. He has to create/develop new second level leaders, without this only MDMK is struggling only with Vaiko.

And if anybody saw the JAYA TV on 11th, it had shown results as ADMK+ leading 95 seats and DMK+ in 30 seats. Hope after this JAYA TV loses its confidence even within thier viewers and ADMK partymen. I believe even ADMK partymen saw other channels to get real results. When comparing to it, SUN TV is far better.

All the Best Vijayakanth!!

Wishes to our great veteran leader Kalignar to give us a better government!!

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On 11th, party tv favoured their own parties.. DD only gave the perfect counts of parties. CNN also gave good election feedbacks for all 4 state election. But TamilNadu election was the most expected as they feel TN results will have impact at centre in both politics and economy. Vijayakanth won as i expected.. But i expect 3 more seats from his side. Kalaingar mentioned about placing the Kannagi silai and this is his first work after taking charge..


Ore oru Suetchai Vetpaalar jeyichaare... Avar yaar, Endhu oor, Enna per.. We've to give one big salute..