Monday, May 15, 2006

Sonna Seivar Kalaignar

Sonna Seivar Kalaignar - This is the promo given by DMK in campaign of this election. Kalaignar signed on the files to give one KG rice for Rs.2, immediatetly after sworn-in as CM. He also waived farmer loans and announced to give two eggs in noon food scheme. People are now expecting Color TV. But I hope that will take some more time.

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The scheme wld start from June 3, when he celebrates his b'day. Need to see what Jaya TV has to say abt this.


I donno how he will manage the loss of so much money by these wavers and schemes..


The Kannagi statue too is on its way. How good the electoral promises are being fulfilled is being tracked in the HotMachiHot blog. Hope you are following it.