Tuesday, May 30, 2006

கடவுளை கை விட்ட அஜித்

Much expected movie(mostly by Ajit fans), Naan Kadavul, become off the records from Ajit career, after he came out of the crew. I really felt bad of his decision for coming out. Because Bala is the director who shaped vikram and Surya very well, so that they are able reach such a top slot in their career. And also, other side, Ajit reduced his weight and grow long hair for this movie. I am hearing news about this movie from August of last year. But I dont know about the reason for the delay and Ajit's decision.

There are rumours that Ajit going to act in new untilted movie under production of Mohan Natarajan or Suresh Balaji, pairing with Asin, en kanavu devadhai (epdi erunthalum, intha diwalikku Asin-ukku two movies, another one with Vijay). But my opinion is Ajit lost a good chance of making his career more brighter with Naan Kadavul. Without knowing the reasons, just hiding my disappointments here.
Everytime others get a chance to florish themselves, when Ajit said no to act. Now Arya bagged the chance to act in Naan Kadavul.
ஆர்யாவைப் பார்த்தால் கொஞ்சம் பொறாமையா கூட இருக்கு..ஏன் தல..என்ன ஆச்சு..ஏன் நீங்க நடிக்கல?

I bit confused about the title i have given for this post. May be this (அஜித்தை கை விட்ட கடவுள்)will be perfect one than what is available.

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bad luck.Can't think of any other phrase.


hi karthi,

Just like you, I too feel really bad for ajith. Its all timing, i think he got vexed by the speed of production (or delay) and the pulling out of producer thenappan...thalaivar solvathu thaan ninaikka thonuthu "nadakkarathu nadakkaama irukkaathu. nadakkaathathu nadakkave nadakkathu."


free-ya vidunga, avar car race-laye irundhirukalam..or is it bike race?


Yes Prasanna..It flashed in mind.

You are rite Veda.

enna Usha panrathu..Manasukku konjam kashtama thaan erukku. Lets see his next moves


Sad news. I really hope Ajith can make a come back. I felt really sad when I watched his last two movies. Both of them were outright crap inspite of decent performances from Ajith. But only he can be blamed for choosing such scripts. I hope he can come back.


Eshwar, I heard the same expression from my friends too. Really Ajith missed a chance to come back with great film.

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