Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pokkiri Raja II

புலி வருது புலி வருதுன்னு S J சூர்யா சொல்லி,
பேரரசு முரசு கொட்டி,
எல்லாம் கனவாய் போய்....
இப்போ போக்கிரி வருகிறார்..அசின் கூட கையை கோர்த்து..

After a long interval, Asin has booked for a film Pokiri. This is very long gap for Vijay after Aadhi. Prabhu deva is going to direct the film. I do not beleive Prabhu Deva as a good director. But hope for another victory for Vijay. But the movie should be little different from sterotype Vijay movies..mass masala in different way. If he going to follow the same way, how he had in Thiruppatchi, Sivakasi, then he could expect the same results of Aadhi. Prabhu deva should note down these, before going for a shooting. Otherwise, fans may thrill, but other viewers may start get boring. Vidyasagar is going score music for Pokiri. Superstar Rajinikanth had a big victory with his pokiri raja, may be Vijay has thought of having the same title for his new film.

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Is Surya going to do as hero in Puli.. What happened to Vijay..


Great news!

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