Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kollywood - Murder of Crows

As I expected, songs and clippings from all new movies are started to telecast in Sun TV after DMK came in to power. Yesterday I saw almost one song from tamil new year movies. AM Ratnam who refused and lead in action had met officials of Sun TV and paid respects. Why should they had taken this against all channels on mid-Feb of this year? If really they are having good thoughts of gaining more money from channels for telecasting clippings, why should they revoke this once DMK came to power. What happened to exclusive rights given to Jaya TV? When all from Kollywood arranged a function and praised Jayalalitha for taking laththi against Thiruttu VCD, Kalaignar Karunanidhi said "all are crows". Now they have proven that they are like that only. Actually they had made a great loss to many producers through is ban. If it was not there, may be Pattiyal, Thiruttu payale earn more by the clippings. And AM Ratnam was safe, because no film of him was released during this time.

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Arasiyala ithellam sagajamappa


nalla kelvi, aana there might be some political reasons for this - Kalaignar period-la film industry-kaga kadhai ezhudaradha thavira enna panninar?

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