Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kollywood Lara

[Thanks : Dinakaran]

Rajinikanth becomes a Kollywood Lara, after his recent blockbuster movie Chandramukhi reached another milestone, that is, 400 days in Chennai, Shanthi Theatre. As filbert said as comment here on its 365th day, this is a honour given to Thalaivar..Superstar. Hope they will run the movie till 500th day or till the day of Sivaji release.

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thalaivar thalaivar thaan.


Kollywood Lara - Super title Karthik. Hope Shivaji turns out to be another 400-day blockbuster, but unlike the honorary way done for Chandramukhi, Shivaji runs to decent crowd till the 400th day. BTW any idea on how long they plan to run Chandramukhi?


Exactly donno Filbert. But magic number 500 is sure.