Monday, May 22, 2006

Top Central Ministers

[Thanks : Dinakaran]

Latest India Today Issue, has the list of best and worst central ministers. Congress government under the prime ministership of Manmohan completing their two years in this month. So they had a survey and published the results. When I saw the second position, I really surprised. Yes. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav is in second position and moved Finance minister to third poistion. And he was in 33rd position last year and he moved up to 2nd in one year. Really a good progress by him than any other. I didn't read how he made it. But it is really good for India that Lalu Prasad kind-of politicians doing their best at center. Proful Patel is in first position of this rank list. FM Chidambaram and IT Minister Dhayanidhi maran are in third and fourth positions respectively. Sarath Pawar is in seventh position. Anbumani Ramadoss and Manishankar Iyer are in 13th and 14th rank respectively. But all other ministers from TN are above 20th rank. TR Balu at 21, A Raja at 25 and GK Vasan in 35th position. I believe that these type of ranks will make ministers to improve and give people a awareness, how they are working.

But without this, I cant know that Lalu Prasad is doing good. I still believe he is doing things as he did as the CM of Bihar. Why there is no much focus on him, if he do good in medias? A big question in-front-of them.

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Me too surprised at seeing Laloo's name way up there. But both his railway budgets have been very people-friendly and I guess that is the reason he has won the goodwill of the public.


After laloo's charge as a railway minister, he got more fund for railway department. MGs are under convertion to BGs. New rail route projects are under development. Railway stations are remunarated. He got down the ticket fare. Edhu ellaathukkum mela tea kudikka man kuvalaiyai railway canteenil arimugam seidhu namma environment pollute aagaama paadhugaatha punniyavaan.



I read the survey in India Today-English. From that it seems Laloo has increased the Profits of Indian Railways which was expected to be bankrupt by 2015 with the profits it had before Laloo took over. May be thats the prime reaseon


Hope these type of survey will improve INDIA better..

Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.