Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Imsai Arasan 23-am Pulikesi

There are more expectations on Vadivelu's Imsai Arasan 23-am Pulikesi(IAIP). It is very difficult to run a long movie with only comedy sequences. If Simbhudevan, the director of IAIP, tries to put sentiment scenes then he should be careful in right mixing of both comedy and sentiments. When I saw films of Goundamani as hero, I felt that the movie was over-dosed of comedy with heroism. People will not accept Goundamani as a hero like others. I believe Simbhudevan's script will correctly suits with Vadivelu. And he also told that it is not the story of king having all great powers with him. It is the story of the king who is not eligible being a king. So I am having high-time expectations on this. And also, I like the jokes in Ananda Vikatan of Simbhudevan on IAIP. Hope it attracts movie-goers and comedy-lovers.

Director : Simbhudevan
Music : Sabesh - Murali
Producer : Director Shankar
Cinematography : Arthur Wilson
Art : P Krishnamurthy
Songs : Pulamaipithan
Stunt : Super Subbarayan
Editing : Sasikumar
Dance : Sivasankar
Other casts : Nagesh, Manorama, Nasser, Vennira Adai Moorthy, Sriman and Ilavarasu.

3 பின்னூட்டங்கள்:


This is definitely one movie that I am eagerly looking forward to. Vadivelu is already hilarious and he looks all the more funny with his upright moustache.


The songs also sounds good...esp the Aasai Kanave ...


Expecting it to be a good family entertainer