Tuesday, July 11, 2006


[Thanks : Dinakran]

Vadivelu won as a hero in the historical movie Imasai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi. Film has great BO records, which is really equivalent to Vijay Vikram films. As I heard, the film is not too good. But it is a laugh riot with vadivelu's own positiveness. As usual, made his movie in low cost, which looks very dramatic mos of the times. The sets are baseless and cheap. Shankar could have think of spending some more money to make it better. I heard the only the Muthalvan, is the movie produced at low cost, in Shankar's direction. That too he is one of the producer in that.

The main attraction for this movie is nothing but Vadivelu. Everyone is packed with expectness on seeing his in lead role in such a hilarious getup (Sample in above picture).
And one small request to vadivelu. Eventhough he already stated that he wont do any other movie as hero, please follow your words. Otherwise, you may be out of woods soon.

Congrats Vadivelu Sir!!!

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Anonymous said...

I guess it hurts when the money comes out of your own pocket:-) I wish some other producer had given Simbudevan a chance to make this movie.

Yes, Shankar is a costly director and a cheap producer. He has been lucky in that all his productions have been hits, in Tamil.

Vadivelu would be wise not to act as hero in the future. The story, settings etc are so different. I doubt people will accept him as even a comedy-hero. Moreover, audience taste has gone down. Whatever they say, good films don't always run. Good films are lucky when they do run.



Yes you are correct Kajan. Shankar is a costly director and cheap producer :-))


Adding to wat u ve said, he's a bery sensible producer. From the 2 movies he has produced, guess he has a great sense to produce movies with which he cld mint money.
Have been reading mixed reports of the movie. Yet to watch it. Sources also say the movie's a big hit. This raised a question in my mind if the movie wld have recd the same effect if it was released with other competitive movies.


Very happy to see that the movie has been declared a hit. Its amazing to see the kind of opening it has got. I wouldnt fault Shankar for not spending too much on the production costs of this movie. We should in fact appreciate him for taking such a huge risk in producing a movie of this genre, which is completely new to our audience. I am sure no other producer would have come forward to put 5 crores in a historical comedy movie like this one.

Anonymous said...

I think so too! But is it realy true.